• Dubstep Demon Gives Man Power to Defy Time, Gravity

    September 24, 2011 9:03 pm 69 comments
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    Adam Nelson

    For the past several years on ChristWire, we’ve tracked a new dangerous form of music called dubstep.   Dubstep is a sub cult of their rave collective, but its adherents place electronic Satanic chants from the book of Wicca to electronic music instead of a singer’s naturally off-pitch voice as seen in standard rave music.

    Due to dubstep raves being covers for Satanic Wicca seances, we see a higher incidence of demon manifestation in participants to these events.

    In the following YouTube video, a demon has clearly given a man the ability to defy time and gravity, a phenomenon that should be impossible according to a Christian scientist named Albert Einstein.  The man seems to warp space-time around his body, walking far too slowly and tip-toeing like a ballerina in a wormhole.  This is not possible on Earth with the relative gravity.  The man could not generate the personal gravitational forces necessary to defy Earth’s own specific gravity in such a way, which clearly shows that this dubstep music has given him devil powers.Editor’s Note: WARNING:  THE FOLLOWING VIDEO MEDIA SHOWS A MAN DEFYING GOD’S GRAVITATIONAL FORCES SET UPON EARTH WITHOUT THE AIDE OF A MACHINE.  SUCH FEATS SHOULD BE IMPOSSIBLE FOR THE HUMAN BODY AND DUBSTEP DEMONRY HAS GIVEN THESE UNNATURAL ABILITIES.  DEMAND ALL WIFE/CHILDREN IMMEDIATELY LEAVE THE ROOM AND THEN PRAY BEFORE VIEWING.

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