• Egyptian Muslim Terrorist Prostitues Invade America

    September 10, 2011 9:40 am 91 comments
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  • As a White, Christian Male, I feel it is partially my job to find and weed out the “illegals” and remove them from God’s Country.

    I am not a racist, I will kick out a pollock, kraut, or limey, just as quickly as a chinaman, Muslim Terrorist, or even an un-wed Black Mother.

    I have become disgusted recently, because a “Brothel” aka a “Whorehouse” took up residence in Arizona.

    We all know that Arizona is a Godly State due to the immigration laws, but they did let this filth enter the state legally.

    A place called “Phoenix Goddess Temple” was opened in two cities in Arizona. These were Brothels(with prostitutes and Johns), but under the guise of a religion.

    Here is one of the “Spiritual Guides”:

    “It was the largest Arizona prostitution bust since authorities broke up the tri-state “Desert Divas” ring in 2008.

    Four of those indicted are men, but none of them are johns. Charges include prostitution, pandering and conspiracy. ”

    Another reason that Women need to listen to the Man in Charge.

    According to ABC News, Arizona prosecutors have charged more than 30 people affiliated with the Phoenix Goddess Temple, a 10,000-square-foot alleged brothel that had been operating under the pretense of providing “religious” services for hundreds of dollars in cash “donations,” police said.

    They got busted and the “Madam” is getting 55 years in prison, and she has done this before, Women never learn without a Strong Christian Man to show the way. Here is proof: “Goddess Temple founder Tracy Elise, known within her business as “Mystic Mother,” was one of the 18 arrested Wednesday. She had also been involved with a similar alleged brothel in Seattle, Wash., that had been shut down in 2009.

    Goddess Temple founder Tracy Elise defended her organization years ago when speaking with ABC News’ Phoenix affiliate after neighbors alleged the “temple” was a sex club in disguise.

    The Goddess Temple first started operating in 2007 in a residential home, but police were unable to get into that location, Martos said. The Temple workers eventually moved to Scottsdale, where authorities cited them for various permit issues before the organization finally settled in Phoenix and Sedona.”

    She/He seems nice...

    This is why people should not try to fake religion, God will send you to Prison.

    I support “Religious Freedom” of any kind, but running a Brothel as a Church is wrong. It makes me think that any Taco Stand can be a Catholic Church, Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles is the Baptist Headquarters, and every deli in New York is home to the Jews and every Homosexual on the planet. All of this is WRONG.http://abcnews.go.com/US/phoenix-goddess-temple-raided-alleged-brothel/story?id=14481945

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