• Former President Bill Clinton Caught With Stolen Moon Rock

    September 22, 2011 10:09 pm 22 comments
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  • Apollo 17 was the final manned mission to the moon in 1972. The mission brought back 50 moon rocks that were called “Goodwill Moon Rocks” and presented to each of the states.

    One of these Goodwill Moon Rock’s was presented to Arkansas governor David Pryor 1976 and was one of the prize possessions of a state that has very little to be proud of. Bill Clinton Became Governor of Arkansas in 1979. Soon after the Goodwill rock went missing. It was never found.

    Now, 30 years after it went missing, one of those precious rocks has been found among memorabilia belonging to former President Bill Clinton. A worker cataloging materials from the Clinton governorship was in the middle of going through nearly 2,000 boxes of archived documents when he stumbled upon the priceless artifact. The Box it was in was intentionally labeled a plaque by the former President.

    Only 843 pounds of moon rocks exist on Earth, according to NASA making it 10 times more valuable than gold or platinum. Because of the value former President Clinton will most likley be charged with a class C felony and will serve up to 40 years in Prison.

    Bill Clinton is best known as the president who stuck a Cigar In a girl’s tuna sin hole and then put it in his mouth while in the oval office.

    In Other Space News

    The NASA Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite, a chunk of metal the size of a bus, will crash into the planet with devastating force in the next 24 Hours. It has been determined that the spacecraft could cause massive destruction and is travelling at thousands of miles per minute will not hit the United States. We will post updates if it is determined that Caucasian lives may be at risk on another continent.


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