• Freddie Mercury Has Been Cloned, Sings “Somebody to Love on YouTube”

    September 23, 2011 5:37 am 20 comments
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  • Somehow, the gays have gained access to perfected cloning technology.  I’ve warned for years the gays are sassy and crafty with no bit of loyalty, no doubt employing the help of the CHINESE to do this foul playing of God!

    There is nothing moral about the video you are about to witness.  You can tell the soul of a demon long passed has risen again to recreate the lifespawn of Freddie Mercury.  As you know, no child can arise from the loins of a gay.

    A gay will twaddle his ‘lover’ all night long, the must of their excremental increases causing a sick shame to waft over the whole of mankind!  No child shall arise from such acts for gays have no wombs.  Lesbians have no ability to create the liquid of life.

    But here, we see gay scientists from China have bypassed nature.  They have apparently somehow created a perfect rendition of Freddy Mercury, a dangeorus gay with a harmonius voice and perfect stage presence, a concert-giver whose ability to rile a crowd is a great danger to us all!

    What’s next?  Obama shall have Queen do a reunion concert at his 2012 rallies, gaining all sorts of money and support!  This is no good, America.  Behold what the gay scientists have created and it is a perfect rendition:


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