• Fundamentalist Atheist Richard Dawkins Wants Atheism taught to 5-Year-Old Kindergarten Children

    September 2, 2011 7:41 pm 50 comments
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  • Basking in the occult rays of Atheist Delusion Lusting for evil power beneath the flinting embers of the setting Sun, Godless atheist Richard Dawkins chants ancient Satanic ‘theorems’ before his Egyptian skylord Ra.  The Scrolls of Atheism maintain that Ra was truly a god-king, a man of science who conquered civilizations through scientific lies and wizardly deceit, the “Magic of Reality” as Dawkins describes it in his new book.  Dawkins is trying to become the new Ra, our children his minions in his evil quest the crush Christianity and the moral humanity it protects.

    Archatheist Richard Dawkins has once again made international headlines, this time his crusade against values, morality and conservatism being fought amongst the innocent, our children.

    It is no secret that atheists believe in secularism.  Much like the hedonistic homosexuals who plague our world, atheists have an infatuation for our children.  They seek to corrupt our children with secular thoughts of ‘evolution’ and ‘godlessness’, trapping our kids in a world of angst, despair and guilty remorse.   The selfish antics of atheists are directly responsible for renegade teenage behavior, an obsession with the occult and sexuality that is turning children away from academia and morality and turning them into little abortion-toking mascara whores of Bablylon, as reported by The BBC.

    Atheism has corrupted modern youth into a tasteless cabal of depressed, black dressed teenagers spiraling down a drain of disease, drugs and death. Today’s youth, without prayer in schools, are turning to sultry, Satanic bands like Black Veiled Brides and Blood Sex/Love to fill the void in their confused hearts that good parenting and prayer would normally heal. Atheism and the laws it implements through the Christian-persecuting ACLU are starving American children of much needed morality that stems from the Western World’s Christian tradition and Godly heritage.

    Several years ago, atheists began a campaign to secretly import their cultish views into school while destroying all aspects of religion, even in school plays.  Atheists have an agenda to destroy all religion, be it Judaism, Islam or proper Christianity.  This agenda is not even secret any more, as seen in atheist terrorist Heman Matata’s volatile and very unfriendly blog.

    There is a war on Christianity.   Atheists will manipulate reality and pretend they are the world’s most feared and hated minority for no reason but bigotry, but then turn around and try to ram dangerous soul-damning theories into the minds of the innocent.

    This coming week, Richard Dawkins will posit legislation that requires mandatory teaching of atheist theory at elementary schools.  The course study would be funded by taxpayer dollars and be forced to children aged-5, in kindergarten.

    When asked why he is trying to force children to hate religion, especially Christianity, Dawkins responded in typically smarmy and smug atheist words, heated in the sulphuric vitriol of hell’s hate:

    “I am horribly surprised taht many parents still teach their children the Adam and Eve creation myth even though very few people believe in it literally.”

    The University of Bedforshire at Lutton lecturer continued his devilish diatribe: “Perhaps they think it is harmless like Father Christmas (laughter).  “But I would argue that the truth of evolution is more interesting and more poetic – even more fun – than this myth, or any of the hundreds of creation myths from around the world.”

    Friendly.  Fun.  These are the words small-minded atheists like Dawkins and Matata are trying to associate with their movement.  They have created an assortment of false cartoon characters intended to mock God, trying to make children comfortable with the concept of disparaging the image and name of humanity’s creator and master.  They vandalize Christian churches with graffiti of their wanton antics, trying to intimidate America’s Christians to lay down and allow them to trample upon our nation’s Constitution and Christian foundations.

    It is time to realize atheism is nothing but a cult.  The Cult of Atheism is comprised of people with low self-esteem and a need to constantly verify their fears of the unknown with hateful words aimed at Christianity.  Within the most seasoned atheists there is a bit of jealousy and remorse.  They have become so entrenched in a belief system that they dare not say they are wrong, but deep down their innate human ability to survive wonders if Christians are correct.

    They wonder if our children will live life happier, knowing that after life on Earth that the righteous will live in the eternal glory of heaven.   And instead of conceding defeat in ideals or engaging in rational discussion, they instead seek to silence Christianity with twisted laws against religion and fallacy-laced arguments of empiricism.

    Faith cannot be measured by empiricism.  Dawkins needs to understand that he is simply a man who invokes the God of the Gaps.  Whenever mankind makes an advancement in science, Dawkins is quick to take credit for it and try to use it to disprove the existance of God.  How does any scientific theory or theorem disprove the divinity of God and Creationism.? It does not.

    But if we let Dawkins brand of evolution be taught, it will be part of a concerted atheist agenda to invoke the God of the Gaps in children.  These atheists will claim that all human knowledge disproves the existence of God, that any belief in God must not be made in a public space such as school.  These perverts are disrespecting law, justice and science by using the three as a weapon against free thought, reason and religious tolerance.

    Dawkins greatest victory and greatest advantage is that atheism is not yet recognized as a religious cult of anarchists.   And these anarchists are now trying to invade the minds of your children.

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