• Gays invent new Justin Bieber doll with Pedophile tinkle action

    September 23, 2011 3:30 pm 32 comments
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  • Looks like our good Christian friend Justin Bieber has been duped by Satan Hollywood again! His jew homogay manger Scooter Brown forced Justin to sign for a new line of doll merchandise, and frankly it is disgusting! In the commercial you can see little girls having satanic moments in their nether regions to Bieber music while playing with the doll. Then Dad comes in and here’s where it gets real pedophile. The man gropes the baby and makes its twiddle rompus rise like doug, and then the baby makes a golden shower moment all over the man’s face! And he loves it! Then he makes the baby make yellow gold into a bucket so the man can have some more for later.
    Then at the end you see a girl claim that she has full access to Justin’s tour bus. This is where they make her go and do sexy Jew acts.

    god bless

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