• Green Day Frontman Billy Biersack Kicked off Flight for Homopant Exposure

    September 5, 2011 5:55 am 79 comments
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  • Green Day lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong
    Moments of Exposed Shame Openly homosexual lead singer of Green Day, Billy Biersack, opens his mouth to sing to electronica music at a dubsteb carnival event. Billy Biersack represents a growing community of ’emosexual’ men who dress in tight hooker’s clothing and flay their bodies around like a dainty, immature girl in heat, all over another male.

    It is no secret that male fans of electronic dance rave music are mostly homosexuals, a staggering 88%. To enter a rave, males must mouth kiss another male in unholy ways. To become a tatoo raver, one must perform a throbbing gristle upon the backparts of a passed out fraternity boy and you see these emo ravers all have plenty of tatoos.

    The most example of the rampant, flamboyant homosexuality that’s so prevalent in the raver punk community involved Green Day frontman Billy Biersack.

    Ravers are notoriously poor.  They are people whose hygiene is very foul because they cannot hold down stable jobs due to all the rampant partying, meth use and disease.  Due to their poor pockets and drug-seeking nature, they hardly have time to spend much money on their favorite untalented artists. 

    Therefore all these bands like My Chemical Romanced, Green Day and Blood Sexy Love have to stay at sub-par hotels when on the Vans Warped Tour.  They are forced to fly in poor airlines like  US Airways and even worse Southwest, the very airlines that lost a plane roof only months ago.

    =>  Read More Green Day Homopant Coverage on ABC News

    And that’s where today’s story transpired.  Billy Biersack could not resist having a emosexual moment on the plane, pulling down his tight Hot Topic pants to expose his back parts to a male he wanted to kiss.  Shocked and disgusted, the father of 3 pushed the button for his stewardess to complain and state that he had no interest in himself and his children seeing Billy Biersack’s exposed rump area.

    Fortunately an air marshall was available and roughed Biersack up, forcing him to pull up his pants and stop being a typically raver homosexual.  But none of this occurred before Biersack made a big stink over the entire issue.

    When the passenger initially summoned the flight attendant, a defiant Billy stated, “Don’t you have better things to do then worry about that?”  After yet another complaint, the defiant singer yelled, “I’m just trying to get to my f**king seat.”

    After finally being kicked from the plane, the singer then took to the online world.

    “Just got kicked off a southwest flight because my pants sagged too low! What the f**k? No joke!” Tweeted Biersack on Twitter after he was finally kicked off the plane.

    The world of raving is full of many such oddities, likely contributing to the shocking 3/5 STD rate seen in the harlot females in this comunity.  These are people who do not like to work and raise our taxes by forcing us to pay for their nasty venereal illnesses and sickly, malnourished children at the free health clinics.

     Ravers are a great danger to our society.  We must persevere to make sur etheir culture and horrible music ends before they corrupt more people and we have Woodstock hippiedom all over again.

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