• GroupOn Deal-A-Day Sites Destroy American Economy

    September 5, 2011 5:43 pm 26 comments
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    I don’t know about you, but my emails has been taken over lately by companys such as GroupOn and LivingSocially. For those not familiar with such evil organizations, let me briefly describe how they supposedly work.

    Basically, its generally small businesses run by hardworking Americans that get suckered into partnering with these giant bloodsucking parasites. They are promised for no upfront fee expansion of there customer base, theirby increasing there own revenues. Customers get to save money as well when they use a GroopOn deal. Everyone wins, everyones happy, right? Hardly.


    The truth is that companies such as GroupOn and LivingSocially are leaches that prey upon the core of the American economy. If you pay close attention, you’ll realize that big corporations do not partner with GropeOn. That is because they got big and successful by being smart and knowing how to make money, and the last thing you want to do if you want to make money is partner with Groupon or LovingSocially.

    Obviously the math doesnt work out. There’s no way to add a middleman demanding its cut while offering customers a half-price discount and still make a profit. Indeed, its a recipe for destruction of your small business, something thats hard to succeed at already. Its common knowledge that 95 out of 100 small businesses fail in their first year thanks to Democrats and there love of taxes, and this was before GroupOn, LivingSocially, and their numerous subsidiaries even existed!

    What these “deal-a-day” companies realized is there is money to be made in making businesses fail. They are not content with helping those 5% of businesses succeed and share the wealth. No, they want their cut out of the 95% of failing businesses! For when businesses fail, they fail because they run out of money. Groupon wants that money, the faster the better. The equation therefor is to make businesses fail as fast as possible. Devilishly clever indeed.

    It is common to hear horror stories of small restaurants offering a goodwill discount to new customers via Groupon, only to be overwhelmed and put out of business instead. If they barely make a profit selling $40 of food, what with all the liberaltard taxes Obama foists upon them, imagine what happens when 500 people descend in one month expecting to pay only $20 for it.

    It gets worse: The $20 they spent on the deal, the business only gets half as Groupon takes its massive 50% cut. The business ends up collecting $10 (which is then taxed of course) for $40 of food/service. This is like a 75% discount!

    You may think the LivingSocially’s and GroupOn’s of the world are small parasites. After all, how many business owners can be so foolish as to think this could benefit them? The answer: Many. Groupon’s revenue last year was a whopping $760 million! And they are growing rapidly.

    Small businesses think customers will come back often and pay regular price, thereby making up the initial loss. However, customers often just come for the groupon deal, never to return. After all, there email is overflowing with other GroupOns from similar businesses, right?

    I focus on the American economy today, but actually, Groupon and LivingSocially are expanding rapidly worldwide. However, they are absent in China. I don’t think I need to explain why, but if there are some slow readers, it’s because China is again behind this, yet another way for them to achieve world domination.


    Also, have you noticed the names of these companies in the first place? They subliminally program you with sexual innuendo. GroupOn? That’s code for GROPE ON. LivingSocially? Try LOVING SOCIALLY. In other words, your personal information will be used to spam you with emails designed to turn you into a pervert craving orgies, group sex, and molestation. When a person talks to their friends about the deals, they are tricked into saying what sounds like “Hey, I got my grope on today! Did you?” & “Loving socially is fantastic!” Sick, sick smut.

    So, where does all this ill-gotten money go? Straight to China, that’s where. Not content to steal our technology and great minds, or profit from killing our pets and children, China is going for the gut of the American economy, hoping to bankrupt it as well.

    The first LivingSocially deal was for a Chinese restaurant, in fact. That’s not a coincidence. Since it’s Chinese, it was a safe trial run to see if it could be “put out of business” quickly. But actually, that restaruant ran no risk because it receives money from it’s Groupon parent company secretly. Beware especially Groopon deals for Chinese restaurants.

    (Actually, avoid those places totally, unless you like eating your neighbors pets and alley vermin.)

    If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Wise words.

    Please share with others sad stories of businesses run into the ground by partnering with the likes of GroopOn and LivingSocially.

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