• Heartless Liberals Claim Texas Wildfires “Wrath from Michelle Bachmann’s Enraged Gay Hurricane God”

    September 7, 2011 8:07 pm 21 comments
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  • First of all, women do not speak for men so Michelle Bachmann’s words are always null and void! Second, spineless Democrat cowards, heed my words. You will burn in hell!

    For it is written:
    Timothy 2:12 – But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence.

    And then the Bible seals the fate of Right Republicans and left-leaning Demorats:

    Ecclesiastes 10:2  “A wise man’s heart is at his right hand; but a fool’s heart at his left”

    That final verse says it all!  A fool will be sinistral, a left-handed spinster of Satan’s magic and perversion.  The left-handed Democrats gyrate the genitalia of gay glee with marriage and adoption promises, all while giving us right follks the finger and planning to do worse to our moral sensibilities.  Know that you Democrats are all bound for hell for your atheism and false, perverse teachings of ‘evolution’ and patriotic shame to our innocent school children.

    Then when the moment is convienient, you snarky little devilwhores pretend to know God!  You are trying to say that he sent this hurricane, when last week you were claiming your Spaghettio Monster proves he doesn’t exist!  Market this you foul fools!  You are damned and doomed to having Satan’s Oscar Meyer plump in your funky oven when he cooks your gay marianted, homolusting democratic flag ass mascot bearing freakshow souls in his charcoal rich grills of hell!  You shall suffer!

    I hope you enjoy lava baths and backside sodomy from vented demon scepters, because that is what awaits you mockers! How dare you claim the fires in Texas are from God! The fires in Texas are part of a natural weather cycle, the cause being arid lands and dried brush being prime grounds for combustion.

    Liberal ‘news’ website Gawker.com is suddenly trying to pretend they are not all Godless, hell-marinated atheists and saying that they know God is behind these great fires in Texas. These fools would not recognize the sounds of science if it were fiddle string string tight and playing God of Creation right in their ears!

    This is just the latest sample of what happens in a world where a loud-mouthed Archatheist like Richard Dawkins is allowed to do Satan’s work.  Him and his little fecal science buddy PZ Mayer are corrupting the minds of our children with all their pharangula dangling orgy speak and evolution deceptions.  They are now using the gays for their own atheist agenda to ruin Christianity and all our great principles that have brought stability to humanity.

    Atheists are anarchists.  They want nothing but a new Kingdom of Sodom for Satan to rule during the 1,000 year end of days.  But mark my words!  In the end, it is all you atheists who will cry and have your teeth gnashing like a British hooker crunching on ice for all time!  And trust, your loud, whore mouths that claim Texas is burning due to God will crave the slightest bit of crushed ice but you will never find it where you soul is destined to roast, forever!

    Repent and say sorry, you foul-mouthed liberals.  Take it back before your little homostates get struck by wrath again!  It will happen and mark my words.  I pray for a worser hurricane or maybe even great meteorite sign from God to be brewed and aimed straight for Gay Marraige Legislation!

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