• Herman Cain Unveils 9-9-9 Plan

    September 25, 2011 12:09 am 11 comments
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  • African-American GOP candidate Herman Cain unveiled his 9-9-9 plan at the Reagan Library debates for the 2012 GOP presidential nomination.

    Cain’s 999 tax plain calls for a 9 percent business tax, 9 percent sales tax and 9 percent personal tax for all Americans.  The flat tax plan is flawed, but apparently people in Florida are not smart enough to realize this fact.  Herman Cain managed to beat out Perry and Romney, by grapping 36% of the straw poll vote.

    Herman Cain is touting himself a Washington outsider and is the former CEO of Godfather’s pizza.  In 2012, does America really need the boss for a pizza delivery boy running our country?  Obama is lesson enough:  some people do not belong in the White House.

    Cain is a business man and has vested interests.  He is not a true politician and fails to realize that America needs a flexible tax system, so that people who power this nation’s economy through the businesses we own and the people we employ have proper incentive to not more our ventures overseas.  This flat tax plan can easily be exploited by the Democrats when they again take power in Congress.  They will try to justify a high flat tax, making the wealthy pay the same tax percentage as the poor.  That is not fair in any shape or form.  Herman Cain’s vision is very shortsighted and he’s better off flipping pizza dough than monetary dough.

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