• Home Grown Terror Boss Anwar al-Awlaki Killed

    September 30, 2011 9:27 am 25 comments
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  • The Death of Terrorist Anwar al-Awlaki Reveals America’s Need for Stricter Anti-terror Profiling

    Liberals tried to deny the terrifying facts of Homegrown Terrorists, that is, terrorists who are born and bred right here in America.

    Homegrown Terrorists are terrifying.  They are people who can look like every day Americans, can be raised in America, yet hold the standards and traditions of a person born and raised in the Middle East.

    Such thoughts trouble millions of American families and contribute to rising popularity of Governor Rick Perry, who stands against Homegrown Terrorists and recognizes the need to send Arab-looking or practicing Americans to Gitmo with other suspsected terrorists.

    Thankfully, Anwar al-Awlaki, the lead homegrown terrorist, is no longer a worry.  He was killed today.

    But there is still an important, lingering question.  How do we find these homegrown terrorists?  What are the warning signs and what do these people in America who may be terrorists look like.  The death of Anwar al-Awlaki must be a wake-up call for America to realize the newest threat and the most important issue in the 2012 elections.  How do we profile and protect ourselves against Homegrown Terrorists like Anwar al-Awlaki?

    1.  Know What They Look Like

    The most important aspect of profiling a Homegrown Terrorist is knowing what they look like.  Most homegrown terrorists remain loyal to Arab fashions, wearing shiny blue jeans, fitted leather jackets and ribbed designer tshirts.  They tend to wear fashion glasses and have the requisite Arab stubble beard, a tradition that attempts to reconcile their religious requirement of facial hair with a responsible American’s duty to shave his face fresh for work every day.

    In appearance, two good models to use are Barack Hussein Obama for darker skinned betrayers and John Cougar Mellencamp.

    In this candid photograph, Barack Obama is seen with a light Arabic stubble and fashionable glasses that most responsible men would never take the time to pick and buy.  The suit screams overly expensive threads and the eyes reveal delusion unto some plot that involves blowing up things and not worshiping America’s tradition.


    Lazy stubble, as if they can never have access to a clean razor.  This telling fact is seen again in the face of John Cougar Mellencamp.  The hazed eyes and longish hair conceal a suspicious, plotting demeanor, further revealed by the psychological need to ‘shield’ oneself from onlookers.  Note the high pitched collar of the jacket.  The Mellencamp fellow is trying to hide himself away from the prying eyes of those who profile potential terrorists.

    2.  The Simple Interview

    Several months ago, a child psychologist was presented with a terse situation in which a young girl was dating a potential Homegrown terrorism.  The young woman asked our Amber Cooper how to assure the young man she was dating was not a terrorist and Amber’s sterling wisdom was as applicable for that situation as it is for any where a potential terrorist is being interviewed:

    From, Ask Amber:

    Dear Amber,
    My family are very devout Christians (I don’t even know if there was a generation of ust that wasn’t) and my father is also a pastor. I recently met a charming boy who I love dearly and in my heart I feel we can really go great places together, he’s wonderful.

    The problem is that he is Muslim and my family do have a problem with trust, call them very patriotic. How do I explain to my family that they have to get to know the person and not judge on outside prejudice?

    – Wisconsin girl in love

    Dear Wisconsin Love,

    Your parents love you with all their heart and are looking out for your best interest. Many people do not realize this, but the threat of Homegrown Terrorism is very, very high and every neighborhood may have an American jihadist traitor lurking about.

    Jihad USA: Confronting the threat of homegrown terror is an excellent piece that will open your eyes against this very serious threat to America and potentially to your life.

    Imagine the sorrow in your parents hearts if this young man is one of the hundreds of millions of Muslims who could potentially be working with homegrown terrorists, and he did something to harm you. Would that not be a cruel fate to place on your parents?

    That is their concern, Wisconsin Girl. When you’re young it’s really easy to want to combat your parents and not take their word to heart. But know they are always looking out for your best interests and something in their guts is telling them, “no, no, no”.

    So talk to them more about their views on terrorists in America and ask the young man about it too. If he becomes upset with you asking and gets offended, run! He may be guilty. Your parents love you and someone else does too, Wisconsin Girl. icon smile Is It Ok For My Christian Daughter To Masturbate?

    – Amber

    Run! He may be guilty. When asking a potentially secret Muslim if they are a terrorist, you face the real potential that they will be guilty and it will be proven by their angry response. If you ask a Muslim if they are a terrorist and they become upset, run away and call the police.

    A guilty Muslim is twice as dangerous than a frustrated grizzly, trapped in a metal clamp. They will strike furiously and have been trained to gnaw off their own hands if it means exacting their plot against America and you. They have no regard for even their own body. They fight for an ideal that trapped in a scary concept called fundamentalism.

    Fundamentalism describes a type of brainwashing common amongst Arabs. They trick gullible people into believing that America and our lifestyle is evil and that the only hope for humanity is to destroy our society. Think about evil things like The Holocaust. Think about 9/11. These are things that make Arabs and homegrown terrorists cheer with delight.

    How horrible and brainwashed must these fundamentalists mental nutcases be?

    3. Know Their Religion

    There are people who claim to be Christian who commit acts of terrorism. While these people account for only .0005% of evil acts worldwide, know that 0% of Christians commit violent acts. A Christian is someone who does no type of violence, so how can someone who is committing acts of terror be a true Christian? The answer is they cannot.

    But in the Muslim Handbook, they have bylaws on how to commit terror acts against Americans. There are Americans tricked into following those laws and they too are homegrown terrorists. As we see with people like Barack Obama and Cat Stephens, anyone can be a Muslim. They may claim they were born in America and that they are Christians, but it is all a pile of lies.

    If you meet someone who advocates atheism over Christianity, or refuses to accept and profess that America is a Godly nation with a Christian heritage and tradition, they are likely a Muslim terrorist. It would not hurt to send them to Gitmo for evaluation. Who does not want a free trip to an island to help protect their country?

    Again, if you confront a suspsected Muslim, Persian, Kurd or Muslim (they are all the same), and they grow angry, run away and contact your local authorities. All Arabs should be considered armed and dangerous, even if they were born and raised in America.

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