• Is it Time for Obama to Ask White People to Save Our Economy?

    September 8, 2011 8:56 pm 19 comments
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  • Tonight, President Obama is unveiling a new $450 Billion jobs plan in what is destined to be another in a string of failed attempts to implement a socialist fix for our economy. The plan is called the “American Jobs Act” and it includes massive extensions to unemployment benefits and social programs.

    This week, the U.S Labor department released its August Job report and the numbers are incredibly disappointing. Hiring was down and unemployment has risen again. After the report was read, stocks and commodities tumbled, pushing hard against already stressed wallets of hard working upper and middle class Americans. The last hopes of a recovery that was instigated by former President George W Bush have now completely been squandered by the Obama presidency. Obama’s new plan comes as unemployment remains lodged at 9.1% with no new jobs reported in August, raising fears of a possible return to recession.

    A Real fix for our Economy?
    America’s greatest resource has had its hand tied behind its back since the 1960’s. Caucasian Americans have been pushed to the side, taught to not “make waves”, told to let others “have their turn”, and have been made to feel shame instead of pride. These Politically Correct policies have had the side effect of stifling America’s economy while allowing other races to become doctors, lawyers, politicians, and worst of all teachers. We are all trained to memorize notable black inventions like the Peanut Butter and the disposable syringe we are also taught that Indians invented the zero and that Chinese invented gunpowder. However, were never forced to learn that white people invented the automobile, the airplane, the rocket, and the battleship. We were first in space, first to free the slaves, and first to unleash the power of the atom. Even creating a list of the greatest white inventions would get someone fired in a flurry of liberal hatred. Yet Caucasian Americans have a proud history of righting the ship, making America a better, cleaner, less-threatening place to live.

    White people are prepared to do it again, free us of the shackles of political correctness and women’s suffrage and we can get to work making America a better place for all. Let us not worry about what color people we hire, or whether we need a black president. Let us go to college and get degrees without having to take courses in gender equality and African studies and we can finish in 3 years. This will get more qualified white Americans into management roles faster.

    It is now time for our president to turn the reigns over to not an individual, but an idea. An idea that carved it soul into Mount Rushmore. An idea that defeated Germany and Japan. An idea that say let us be free and we can do it. President Obama, Tell Americans of all colors, including Caucasians, to go do what you do best.

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