• Is Obama Opening A Food Stamp Restaurant in Your Neighborhood?

    September 11, 2011 2:57 pm 16 comments
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  • Only several days ago US president until 2012 Barack Hussein Obama gave a ‘Jobs Speech’. As if it were somehow plausisble that after 3 years he somehow magically came up with a way to create jobs, Obama wants us to give him $300 billion to create tons of new jobs for Americans.

    And Obama tried to sweeten the deal up. He put clauses in there that Republicans will like, trying to get our votes and support. But if you read the fine print of his bill, you’ll see it is just another Democrat welfare scheme. Just like Obama’s bailouts to usurp authority over companies like GM and all the way to him abusing his presidential powers to let his illegal alien family stay in America, this is just another blaxploitation ploy by Obama.

    President Barack Obama and the Reverend Jessie Sharpton cannot resist saturating a piece of greasy chicken by spreading Louisiana hot sauce all over it, greedily grabbing it with their bared hands and lapping up its flavorings in a high-end restaurant. Could this genetic predispositioned nature of black people’s palate for chicken’s unique texture and flavorings be the key opening successful restaurants and creating jobs in black communities? Or is it another Obama scam to make his family more wealthy?

    Black politicians know and confess there is a strong genetic propensity for acquiring fried chicken within the African genome.  Former Republican National Committee Chairmain Michael Gregory Steele stated that to attract more black voters, one only needs to promise ‘fried chicken and potato salad’.

    Chairman Steele is a black man and his words offer an insight into what could actually be a key component in job creation for blacks, within their communities.  Blacks are suffering their second-worst high unemployment rate under Barack Obama.   These jobless blacks are getting Obamacare, free housing and food stamp cards for their food.  They are draining the US economy and digging themselves deeper into a hole of joblessness, impoverished families, teenaged parenthood and welfare dependence.

    Such as system is the way of Democrats.  Democrats are exploiting blacks and keeping them in a form of slavery by making them complacent.  Blacks are falling into the hand-me-out mindset, not looking to achieve.  In their ghetto areas, they only see restaurants like McDonalds, Albertson’s and other national chains.  Their businesses go belly-up, aside from a few hair product saloons that are usually operated by scrupulous Asians.

    Obama has recognized these facts and that is why within his new ‘Jobs Creation’ packets, he has reserved presidential authority to spearhead ‘restaurants that accept the payment of government substantiated funds in exchange for goods that are sold by privately owned corporations within the taxed locale’, or that is to say, Obama is reserving the right to take tax money from the government and open up a chain of Obama chicken shacks.

    Obama knows that in the world of poverty, food plays a big role.  Eating serves as a social get-away and in light of high-end electronics, lavish vacations and long excursions, it is relatively cheap.  If black families can spend money on eating food locally produced at restaurants in their neighborhood, odds are that they will do so.  If the government is paying for those meals, you can rest assured that a single mother of 8 will gladly go to a “Momma Ella’s Chicken Shack”, secretly owned by Obama and his cronies, and spend her welfare money.  When that money is turned to liquid cash, a portion will go to the restaurant’s actual owner, Obama.

    Obama Fried Chicken
    Obama Fried Chicken restaurants are already opening in the state of New York, where Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is using her influence to obtain welfare-enabled status for the restaurants. Will this surely successful loophole provide Democrats with another way to funnel American tax dollars directly into the coffers of their most powerful politicians?

    The scheme is brilliant in its simplicity. Any restaurant that offers fried chicken at a good price will be successful in a black neighborhood. Obama will sweeten the appeal of these restaurants by offering government loans to black people who want to start a local restauarant business. Obama will have a clause in the government loans that state the restaurants must accept food stamps as a form of payment. This will drive people who live on government assistance to heavily use the restaurants.

    There will be a sharp increase in employed blacks due to the restaurants, for which Obama will take credit. Men like Jessie Sharpton will brand anyone who denounces the scheme as a racist and say they want blacks unemployed, making it career suicide for any politician who dares call Obama out on this Marxist profiteering scheme.

    The final straw of the plan will be the loan officers. They will be placed in the government commission to oversee ‘distribution of loans to potential business owners in minority areas’. These officers will hold joint ownership of the restaurants and be loyal members of the Democratic National Committee. Profits from the restaurants, largely obtained by welfare check, will then be funneled back into the pockets of the Democrat powerhouses.

    This Obama welfare restaurant scheme is the part of the bill that Republicans like Herman Cain stand against. Cain knows that his people cannot resist free food, least of all fried chicken, and these Obama Chicken Shacks will fund the DNC will millions, if not billions, more dollars, placing them at an unfair financial advantage over the GOP.

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