• Is Twitters the new Underground railroad?

    September 15, 2011 3:02 am 30 comments
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  • In the recent pasts the world has watched so anxiously as uprisings in the middle east broke out in the sandier parts of our world. Truly they are amazing examples of how quickly things can change and how swiftly societies and governments can crumble under the foots of revolution. What is more interesting is how the rebels in these countries organize. We are use to social media being use for saying “hello” to a friend electronically or using “I like this” button for when someone posts a jesus portrait on a stupid atheist’s or emosexual’s facewall. But if you watched the news you can see that many of the rebels in the islamosphere (Egypt, iran/Iraq, Greece, etc…) used these very facebooks and twitters to organize attacks and ambushes on their governments! So it is clear that social medians have very wide usage. What I thought needed to that I do is that I further investigate the use of social media in America. As a Christian college student pupil I feel I have all my tools to do this, however I decided to just focus one
    What is it I found? Twitter is FULL of black people!!

    I mean WOW. There are a lot.

    It is like twitters is a huge house party on the corner that blacks are drawn to. Are “re’tweets” like cracked coke-canes to blacks that they snort? Is trending something like downing a bucket of friad chickens? Gaining followers like a refreshing watermelon-catfish flavored kool AIDs?

    Let’s look at some snapshots I took from twitters. Twitter nicknames are blacked out to prevent emosexual harassment (

    It starts out innocent enough. A old black man responding to a titter trend and a afrogurl watching some black film.

    Again nothing harmless here. Just stating some general black facts and an afroatheist stating his dumb opinion on God.

    But here’s where it gets SCRAY… VERY scray…

    Here we see many twatters trying to trend BLACK POWER! This was the first ingling of something fishy on twitters.

    Here we see MANY tweets about a black townhall youth UPRISING! UPRISINGS! sounds familiar?!? Is twitter being used again as a tool for revolitions?

    Here we see an afrosaxon worried about enemy surveillance.

    Here we see what looks like a hint of a disturbance in the movement. a black civil war perhaps? this issue is complex indeed

    in counter to the last tweet this afrogurl tries to rally her companions to unite in their cause… whatever that may be.

    So, is twitter the new underground railroad? yes it is. they are following the drinking gourd to revolition!

    god bless

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