• Jelly Bean Candyland Carnival Washington 2011, A Rave Festival of Exposed Sin and Sultry Taut Bodies

    September 18, 2011 8:59 pm 8 comments
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  • Last weekend I flew up to Washington state with some friends and loose associates to protest the 2011 Candy Carnival, a sick rave fest where college girls were promised to ‘give a tingling sugar treat’ to every male oncomer. As expected, the event was filled with rampant drugs that masqueraded under names like Tweety Bird’s Lemon Scented Delight (LSD) gummies, Quivering Cherry bomb explosions, Naughty Jack’s Juiced Jelly ecstasy bean stalks, and most rampantly spread Mary’s Mystic Magic Mint, a type of smoked drug that sellers promised ‘packed the punch of LSD and the hallucinations of smoked marijuana’.

    There was a massive drug cloud radius surrounding the grounds to the event. Due to their loudness and boistrous nature, ravers are typically banned from cities so violent crimes will not take place. At least year’s Candy Carnival in London, a staggering report of 2 out of 5 women in attendance contracting pregnancy and STD was reported by Britain’s Health Council.

    Attendance for Day 1 of the rave reached an estimated 55,000, most people looking very inebriated and out of mind. The partying ravers wore scant clothing, neon colors exploding of taught bodies only earned by hours of hard drug use, little food and constant physical activity that typifies the lifestyle of a methysniffer. It is no secret that the majority of ravers have some sort of major addiction.

    Andy Way, the balding lead singer of Black Veiled Brides taunts college girls to become moist with depravity below by using Satanic grumbles in his voice and then plying everyone in the crowd with Serpent’s Mist, a dangerous skin-absorbed liquid drug that smells like cherry and packs the punch of smoked LSD steamed with marijuana droplet marinations. After absorbing the chemicals, the college girls became visually more sensual and the incidence of public affections increased at least 40% at the Candy Carnival.

    The band line-up included Satan’s Liquid Stranger, Violet Goosestrap, The Black Veiled Brides and a ‘dubstep metalcore’ dj Veil Wolff, who all delighted the crowd with horrible growling noises they called singing, all hidden under poorly recorded electronic midi noises and rampantly wild drug use.

    The worst culprits in all this were the Black Veiled Brides, whose lead singer Andy Way sloppily sloshed through his lyrics through deep chugs of whisky, taking time to have the pyrotechnics team ‘light-up’ giant stemmed plants adorning the stage in the maingrounds and the surrounding mountain area.

    Many parents fail to realize that acts of vampirism are also very prevalent at raves. The neon-coated children who try to capture the attention of the next thrusting groin at raves are the same black-clad, low-self esteem shoppers hanging around stores like Hot Topic and Urban Outfitters at your local mall.

    These kids believe in vampirism due to cult books like Twilight and ever worse the Lord of the Rings. Their minds have been brainwashed into thinking they can exist as beasts called ‘vampires’, “Lichen wolfs” and even wizards. They think by listening to the Satanic music of the bands at these raves, having massive orgying sessions and capping it off with neck biting, they can somehow grow in their power and engage in PLUR, an acronym with meaning steeped in the Greek Occult.

    Hollywood producers captured this nuance of rave culture in the movie, Blade. In the following scene, those unfamiliar with raves will see an indoor rave scene where liquid drugs squirt from the ceiling and saturates the skin of all the partiers, gripping their minds with hallucinations and causing their bodies to give into bad judgment and blind passion. Notice that this is a vampire movie, since Wiccan vampirism and rave culture are very closely tied together.

    External Media: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SpxwtCvN4OA

    The most troubling aspect of the rave is what newcomers are forced to do. At the entry area of a rave, everyone is asked if they are ‘seasoned’ or ‘ripe’. This is a way of saying have you been exposed to rave culture before.

    Those who say they are seasoned and bring proof (images, weird knowledge of known bands, cash bribes, drugs to throw in the ‘skittles party tank’) are allowed in by the bouncers without too much grief. Those, like one of my colleagues who went in, who say they are ripe and never been before, are ‘encouraged’ to undergo a type of fraternity hazing ceremony.

    Experienced male ravers are ravenously homosexual. They love to wear smeared mascara and women’s clothing, so look for every opportunity to drug and seduce ‘fresh, fipe meat’. Stories of how ‘ripe ravers’ are exploited at these Candy Carnivals are well-known but still shocking to see actively cheered and discussed at these events.

    Following is very disturbing image media, where a group of ‘Ripe Ravers’ from Washington State (purportedly the Sigma Nu fraternity chapter) were forced to climb some surrounding mountains and later received throbbing gristles, their bodies exhausted and spent from the grueling trek, the only nourishment being scan water heavily solidified by acid laced koolaid dust, a strange brew called Raver’s Special K.

    Group of Ripe Raver’s forced to take Dubstep Death March in Washington’s Rockies

    All in all, the event was as violent, musky and immoral as any raves have been reported. The Washington Health Council has yet to issue reports on medical attention needed due to the event.




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