• Justin Bieber has change of heart, writes Christmas album for JESUS

    September 4, 2011 9:44 pm 11 comments
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  • Hark! The herald angles sing! By now most know of teen pop sensation Justin bieber. There have been many articles here at christwire noting his promiscuity, black rapper image, substance abuse, and general naughty not-niceness. It was even rumored that Justin chose his signature hair swoop because it hid 3 sixes painted on his forehead…

    But what people need to understand is that, like all human beings, he was once a good Christian who totally was “down” with jesus. Hollywood has made him compromise his Christian values and used him as a fap-magnet aimed at your daughters so they could make money. Holly wood is full of greed jews and aetheist blacks who have used him as a tool.

    The GREAT news is that it seems Justin has finally broke the chains of his jew slavemasters and turned again into the light. He announced that his next album will be a Christmas album! Hallelujah!! And what is more, most of the songs will be ORIGINAL compositions that he wrote himself. They won’t be classic Christmas songs.

    There is still one things to worry about before we can celebrate our bieber brother in christ. One is his Mexican girlfriend, Selena Gomez (Mexicana). She is also a drain on his soul in addition to Hollywood itself. It’s been reported that she has tricked him into Mexican snake and voodoo worship. Just look at these photo evidences:

    Look at her vampire witch dress. Justin holds her ritual snake for her.

    Selena closes her eyes to concentrate on a spell probably

    Hopefilly selena doesn’t convince bieber to add Feliz Navidad or some other Mexican stuff to the album. I for one am greatly anticipating the album’s release so I can celebrate the birth of our savior as well as a triumph against evil Hollywood.

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