• Liberal New Yorker Joe McGinniss Forces Todd Palin to Divorce Sarah Palin, End Historic Run of America’s Momma Bear

    September 23, 2011 6:26 am 27 comments
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  • Todd Palin ‘will file for divorce and advisers tell Sarah White House dream is
    over’ after release of explosive biography – Daily Mail

    The powerful left-wing whore liberal machine has dealt yet another crushing blow to the GOP. This time, their Bard of Banality, Joe McGinniss, is their dark agent of destruction.  He’s made a mountain of a molehill and has the Don Quixote’s of liberal America tilting at windmills, trying to make much ado about what is essentially nothing.  The ancient affairs of one’s life should not have any political relevance, yet the liberal media will try to convince you otherwise.

    Brad Hanson, the business partner of Todd Palin with who Sarah Palin allegedly had an alleged quick, emotionless six-month affair. When the fate of America is on the line, is the bedroom antics of someone’s personal life really that big an issue? This is not a matter that should have bearing on politics, it is unfair for the family and the individuals involved. It is a simple matter to be resolved with counseling and a renewal of vows.

    Friends, make no mistake, the radical left is a sorry, petty lot, sashaying their limber, limp bodies and ethics through Starbucks while worrying over trivial matters like gay rights, meaningless affairs and childhood experimentation. These hypocrites on the left wanted us to brush Bill Clinton’s Cuban cigar in the intern’s hooha escapades all under the rug, but yet want to act like it’s such a big deal that Sarah Palin was bogged by a basketball player or two on one cold, lonesome night so long ago in Alaska.

    In the world of reality, there are big issues to worry about. While the left conspires to find way to make it legal for men to sodomize one another in some perverted form of matrimony, hard-working men and women of the Right are trying to keep our nation on a moral path.

    To the East, the Chinese empire arises. Its economy threatens to ruin Western life as our governments crumble of the bureaucratic greed of Democrat politics. We suffocate under the odor of corruption from these left-wing hacks who use their media power to sway the nation away from our Godly heritage and Christian tradition.

    The left-wing is trying to sabotage Sarah Palin, our generation’s Joan of Ark. She has been sent to restore a sense of duty to America’s Moral Majority. Sarah Palin has been sent here to remind the fallen of their betrayal of Americana and patriotism. People like McGinnis and all his elitist colleagues in the higher-echelons of blue-blooded society do not relate to us common folk.

    Sure, we may be tempted. We all are and the Bible says it is true. But if you’re a fantastic pro-family Republican, does one or two homosexual encounter really make you gay?  If you are a woman whose loudly defended the American values of family and military duty, does sniffing a dose of blow off an oil barrel and letting your husband’s business partner play dirty polar bear’s chocolate dipped plunge really make you that bad a person?

    The problem with the left is that they do not know how to forgive and move on.  They want everyone to be marred by the sins of their past.  They hate the concept of forgiveness because they are dirty, repentless atheists who hate the concept of Christ and American freedom.

    How quickly these left-wing hacks forget that a Republican Christian, a President named Abraham Lincoln, forgave them their sins when they dared form their own country and fight America, all so they could continue to beat blacks and keep them as slaves.  But after God blessed America with victory, we accepted the rebels back with open arms.

    And it is such that we see Sarah Palin.  Sure, she may have committed a few mistakes here and there, no one is perfect.  But we are all capable of asking for forgiveness, just like the Confederates.

    Only a mean-spirited, fraud, tenth-grade mind meanie would dare turn their backs on Sarah Palin in her time of need.  The media is airing her dirty laundry, dragging her noble, pure and buxom frame through the muckiest of mucky journalism.  They are lining her up and aiming their muckrakers at her life, sniping at her, trying to rip holes into her fine character.  These yellow-journalism wielding left-wing cronies are trying to defeat Sarah Palin in one fell, cowardly swoop.

    Joe McGinniss used Iron “Bite” Mike Tyson, the man who bit the ear off Evander Holyfield and is an accused rapist as a source to claim Glenn Rice had a womb-shifting, one night affair with the unmarried Sarah Palin over two decades ago. College shenanigans are nothing but fun and distant memories, a part of a growing experience, and such a shoddy story from such an impugning source should be irrelevant to today’s political matters.

    All this thrusting, rabid excitement over Sarah Palin’s past life shows one thing about Liberal Media in our society: they suffer from a great disease.

    Ethical Impotence: it is the condition of one’s ethics being flaccid, beyond repair of any mechanism or cocktail known to mankind. The only way the liberal media can get off is to create these salacious scandals, exiting their loins and lust for sensationalism and emotional media. They want to get everyone aroused and primal, so they will vote for Obama in another jungle-raced frenzy to the polls.

    And that is why they are standing against Palin. She represents traditional values for America. Only days ago, we saw her be five points shy of Obama in nationwide polls. Who in DC hasn’t sniffed a little illegal substance or imbibed a bit of alcohol with their college friends?

    Who hasn’t had a bedroom rompus situation that goes on for weeks or maybe months, before the cloud of confusion abates and you come again to your senses, repenting of the lust for the hidden flesh of a colleagues taut, firm body.

    It is something all of us humans have experienced. Think of all the things you did in your childhood and college days. Now imagine if someone just aired it all in public so that they could ruin your family and America’s faith in you, despite all the good leadership and brilliance you have to offer our society in need?

    This is the demonization of character that the Liberal Democrats specialize in. Republicans would never do such things, but we see, the left is cheap and catty. It is their nature.

    My friends, today, let us let bygones be bygones. Let us pray for the Palin family marriage as they suffer this assault from the liberal left. The Rogue: Searching for the Real Sarah Palin is now on sell and the liberals are already buying it up by the millions.  It soars on Amazon and we must pray that the words of the book for on deaf or forgiving ears.  The stories in it are scandalous.  The suspense and sexuality, raw and nasty.  It is written by a hand that gives all the dirty, gritty details on our dear Sarah Palin’s life, making her look like a groin-gyrating, bimbo hypocrite with no loyalty to family, country or marriage.

    Is that the legacy we want for America?  Is this really how we want women in this country to be treated?

    Let us look over all those details and focus on the woman before us.  Let us remember that this girl from long ago is just that, a naive college-girl who became one of the greatest leaders for not only America, but all of mankind.

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