• Libya Rebels Are Rounding Up All Blacks

    September 5, 2011 4:19 am 14 comments
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  • Horribly terrible humanitarian tragedy is taking place in Libya, as the rebels are turning against the African community within the country.

    Blacks are becoming the scapegoats of the Libyan rebellion. Much like Adolf Hitler did to the beautiful Jewish people, these Libyan rebels are rounding up all blacks, putting them into designated ‘camps’ and keeping detailed archives of their family records.

    As history has taught us, such actions can be a preamble to genocide and as the leading nation of the UN and the world, it is America’s job to ensure no crimes of horror befall the Afro-Libyans.

    We must invade Libya. Just like us Christians fought the confederacy to save the blacks and decency here in America, our unified Christian nation must now invade Libya to protect the black people there.

    Already, the African Union and Amnesty International have raised the alarm and are protesting the treatment of blacks in Libya. There are concerns about how any black person is being accused of “Pro-Gaddafism” and being herded away into makeshift prisons. It really is a state of disorder and chaos, such as seen during Hitler’s infamous rise to power.

    America cannot stand by once again as a regime terrorizes a people based simply on the color of their skin.

    Being a man of great compassion, I plead for this nation to do what’s right and invade Libya. We must overtake their government for a spell, to show them the right way. We must write into their law the law of egalitarianism that we dictated for America and all the lesser nations after we created the Geneva Convention.

    Libya can be a great nation if it is shown the way. We must help Libya cultivate their ethos, pathos and logos. We must help them distribute their oil in ways that are monetarily beneficial. We must free the blacks.

    Ashe! That is a Kenyan word for “Amen!” And that is the cheer America must give as we march to free these beautiful black people being terrorized in Libya.

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