• Lightning Strikes Eiffel Tower

    September 3, 2011 11:55 am 25 comments
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  • The French used to be a moral people.  It may seem hard to believe, but there was a point in time that the world was without America.  Things were rough in those days.

    There was no freedom of religion.  Evil Muslim terror lords would steal from the occident, ripping through the lands and trying to force the seeds of Moor influence into every unwilling Christian woman while severing their husbands and male children with Akbar forged steal.  Their burning hatred for the birthplace of Christianity’s Old Covenant, Israel, was witnessed as a Ramadan blood oath against the children of Israel.  These horrible jihadists were met with weak and pithy ‘Christians’, moreso interested in exploitation of their popular and not truly following the Word of Compassion as dictated by the Bible.  This is why Europe fell to the terrorists.

    As time progressed England and France started to gain prominence as places who grew a heart for God’s true commandments.  They started to fight back against the Moors and their belly-dancing Jezebel hookers, kicking them out of Western society and accusing anyone who followed their dark arts of Satanic witchcraft.  But England and France still had one sin in their hearts:  jealousy.  Rage.  Lust.

    England lusted for France’s refined power and France lusted for the great Navy that God had blessed them with.  They were Jew-like coveters!  They could not be happy for each others blessings and they went to war for 100 years!

    It was a sad time, Christians killing Christians.  It was horrible and with all the greed, corruption and blood being shed from people who were not even foreign, God had enough.  He knew he had to found a new country.

    In 1776, he began to whisper into the ears of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson.  He tickled the heart of great warriors like The Patriot Swamp Fox and Paul Revere.  These men began to utter the name of a new country.  America.  It was named after a great pastor who first blessed us all years ago:  Reverend America Vespucci, a great cartographer of the lands and of the soul.

    In 1776, we sent a letter to King George that effectively said “Get out of my country”.  King George said, “Nay!” and we were forced to unleash the power of God.  Satan did his best to aide the red coats with bullets and devil-skinned uniforms but their antics failed.  And then a surprise:  the French came and helped to do God’s work.  They helped force England to surrender to God’s eternal champion and defender of Israel:  America.

    The Bible prophesies the great America that will be Satan’s greatest adversary in the end of days.  France must have realized that fact back in the 1700s but now, their memory is gone.  Their heart has been hardened by Euro arrogance and homosexual greed.  They now grow jealous of America and support the Euro currency that is unfairly exploiting the dollar.  They do not support us when we tell them to send troops to where we choose.  These are all sins.

    God does not like France anymore.  And last night he put on a great display to make this fact known:

    Lightning Strikes Eiffel Tower

    France is now in the danger zone.  Will God cut them all the way off?  This display of God’s wrath against France for not sending more troops to Afghanstan yesterday is very clear.  If he wanted, he could have friend the entire country with this one bolt but instead just made a symbolic display.  Let us hope France takes this warning and changes their way, or hell will soon have fried limey toad on the menu.



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