• Michelle Bachman Caught Doing Devil’s Stripper Dance for Newt Gingrich

    September 14, 2011 4:15 pm 21 comments
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  • This Twitpic captured at the recent GOP Presidential debates shows exactly why women cannot be trusted.  Apparently with her hormones surging and her adrenaline raging from all the excitement of debate, Bachmann loses control of her reason and doubles-down in a pose usually reserved for the VIP section of a 2:57 am hanky-room in Vegas.

    Under normal circumstances, Bachmann comes off as a decent but loopy type of woman.  But not even needing the devil’s liquor to bring her mind to state of patent harlotry, we see this little vixen turns into the Jezebel when the excitement of debate combusts the turbines of her clincher under the hood.  Newt Gingrich looks uncomfortable yet and caught off guard in this image.

    With such a sudden attack of an exposed secret area brought against his busom, he responds like any man would in shock.  His mind did not have time to process the surroundings or morality.  It’s just like if a woman reaches in and forces you to kiss her, unannounced.  You kiss her back and your body reacts so quickly, that sometimes she can force you to do things that you would never do under normal circumstance.

    We can see Bachmann is a pro at forcing married men and decent men to be overcome with stiffening sins of tempation and release.  Her gyrations have captured Newt and just like many innocent men before, he cannot help but grab her hips and pull her closer, despite there still being a crowd present.

    Even though all the big cameras were off, a bystander happened to click this image at just the right time.  What a show of why we cannot trust women.  Is this what a female US president would reduce herself to to get a budget amendment signed off or to free a hostage from the Arabs?  Can we really afford the risk of a promiscuous US president getting knocked up by Mahmoud Ahamdinejad or Fidel Castro?  These type of backroom antics could spell disaster for America, so it’s best we keep the office of president reserved for those who aren’t the victim of emotions, hormones and womb.  We must protect America by ensuring only men are at the helm, steering this country in the right direction.

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