• Michigan Tells All Emosexuals, Hipsters, Blacks and Mexicans 3 Words: GET A JOB!!!

    September 8, 2011 9:24 am 10 comments
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  • Gov. Rick Snyder of Michigan has created a “Welfare” plan that will help all humans, whether they are Blacks, Muslims, Mexicans, Homogays, Liberals, Emosexuals, Hipsters, or even Un-Wed Black Mothers.

    All of these “People” now have only 4 years worth of Welfare benefits to collect. Just to clarify, 4 years in their entire lifetime to collect. That means, if you are unemployed starting on Oct. 1st, and you stay unemployed for a year, you will only get 3 more years of benefits for the rest of your life, even if you are just 18. So, stop being lazy, grab ahold of any job, even a fast food job, just to save your welfare benefits. That means on October 1st, when the law take effect, around 40,000 people will need to stop having extra babies and stop acting like they can’t find a job. (Side note: Just because you are too high on Meth Laced Extasy Drops or have been injecting Marijuana, does not mean you can’t have a proper job interview at McDonald’s, everybody can have a job…even emosexual hipsters and black tribal hipped hoppers)

    What Gov. Rick Snyder did, is he gave Michigan a chance to rebuild the Job Force there. Instead of having 49% unemployment of Blacks and illegals on welfare, he gave them an ultimatum..: “Get a job, or starve to death, either way, I don’t care”. Those are his exact words.

    I’ve spent many years saying the same thing, if we had no welfare system, we would have less poverty. People like to pop out more and more babies just to get more welfare. Let’s start taxing babies, not the actual babies, but if somebody has a baby and then has a 2nd baby by a diffenent man, charge them a tax. Let those taxes go to pay welfare for all the Single parent welfare families. If we enacted that, I guarntee there would be less single parent homes aka No Baby Daddy Around.

    Now I will get to the truth of this matter…

    The new law will reduce the number of children and adults receiving cash assistance by nearly a fifth, from more than 221,000 to around 180,000. Enforcing a four-year limit will save the state more than $60 million annually, according to a House Fiscal Agency analysis.

    The State of Michigan will now save more than $60 million a year??? Why isn’t every State doing this???

    I understand the need for the Welfare system. Truly disabled, elderly people who didn’t work hard enough to get a retirement plan, and people (who through no fault of their own) simply can’t get a job. I however believe, that if you can’t find a job in 4 years, your parents probably should have checked you into a nice “housing” arrangement with others like yourself.http://news.yahoo.com/mich-governor-signs-48-month-welfare-limit-231915012.html

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