• Miley Cyrus Leaked Photo Exposes Legs, Tries To Outdo Scarlett Johansson

    September 23, 2011 6:39 am 22 comments
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  • One consistent fact in Hollywood is that most women are bona-fide harlots.  They compete not with talent, but with how they can use their flesh to entice the minds and imaginations of the sinful.

    Men this day and age are assaulted with these flesh exposures, them trying to tempt us to take a peak at their doctor-perfected curves and firmed muscles rippling beneath Malibu sunkissed skin, shimmering in tanned perfection from hours of careless bikini-clad frolicking on the beach.

    Why these harlots think they can tempt us with their exposures is a great mystery and today, we see Miley Cyrus is the latest ‘victim’ of a ‘leaked’ photo.WARNING: THE FOLLOWING CONTAINS IMMORAL IMAGE MEDIA OF MILEY CYRUS AND A PURPORTEDY LEAKED PHOTO. DEMAND ALL CHILDREN/WIFE IMMEDIATELY LEAVE THE ROOM BEFORE VIEWING.

    It is a sad state in America when women are exposing themselves in this manner. We see she is resting up Egyptian silks, letting her thigh flesh be known to our eyes. She is hoping that us men will forget our duty to our wives and our sons will be lead into temptions of ‘M’ and buying her upcoming CDs. What a sick ploy her handlers have made her buy into?

    In this world of Toddlers and Tiaras, Miley Cyrus trying to be all sensual in seduction, where is the time of morality when our little ones simply played Legos and Tinker Toys, our teenaged daughters dreaming of the day they were married and had a loving home full of children.

    Those golden days have passed and as long as our country continues to fade away from our Moral Heritage in Christian upbringing and the Constitution and Bible dictating the values of our land in concert, we will see more of this outright decadence.

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