• Miley Is Not A Bad Girl

    September 10, 2011 5:18 am 8 comments
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    Miley Cyrus is a young woman any father would be proud to call his own.  I’m tired of the liberal media trying to take this precious gem and tarnish her with the temptations of hussiness and drugs.

    The media has a tendency to take these young teenage starlets and try to corrupt them for a headline.  This exploitation has been going on for far too long.

    Miley is not a bad girl.  She is just a young person on the verge of being a billionaire without firm guidance and discipline.  She was allowed to date at a young age.  She was hit on by old, slimy record producers and Hollywood executives.  It raises an important question.

    Should children be allowed to be Hollywood stars without direct supervision at all times by a managing parent or surrogate via a foster agency?  I vote no and so should you.

    Look at Brittany Spears.  Look at Lindsay Lohan.  Amy Winehouse.  The fate facing these young women is the very same we see facing the young, African-American sports stars in the NBA.

    They grow into loving a fast life without supervision.  What impressionable teenager can resist a lifestyle of fast drugs, explicit acts and influences from older, persuasive people.  The NBA and NFL are purportedly working on ‘transition coaches’ to help athletes going from impoverished high school life to multi-millionaires, without supervision.

    But what about this young people being whisked about in Hollywood?  Who is looking out for them?  Certainly not their agents or managers.  The headlines make them more money.  So when you go to judge Miley, remember, it is not that Miley is a bad person.  She was just a child caught in a rough environment of temptation.

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