• New Henry Caville Superman Movie Has Gay Homo Codpiece Agenda!

    September 3, 2011 2:05 pm 62 comments
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    Get a good eyeful America! Because that’s the new codpiece wielding Jewish savior presenting the Battle of the Bulge! I can only wish I would be allowed in the Civil War, because I would join the Confederacy, warn Good General Lee of all Yankee Abe’s plans and use my favor to ban this filthy forever in America!

    Look at it! That S stands for Supersinsnake twaddle daddle! They are trying to make Superman seem like good wholesome fun for the whole family, but how much fun is it when Little Johhny and Sarah start focusing on wear the red panties should be and they get greated by a Kryptonian Satan Scepter!

    It is no secret that these DC Marvel harem mofo writers are drug-toking prostitutes for Satan and relish in the musty marinations of crack-laced homosexuality! They want our children to join them and we can see their codpiece of destruction is Mr. Clark Kent!

    MY anger is kindled and they plan to slip a kryptonite sized package into the backside of American families in 2012! Forbid your children to see “The Man of Steel”! Sickos! What’s next, Vibrating Lipped Wonder Woman dangling her fake Sally!

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