• Obama Gets His Chef’s Degree, Plans to Open Nationwide Foodstamp Restaurants on Jobs Bill

    September 13, 2011 5:21 pm 16 comments
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  • As reported yesterday, President Barack Obama is planning to capitalize off the nation’s need for new jobs. Obama plans to use federal money to open a series of foodstamp accepting restaurants that go by the name Obama’s Chicken Shack.  Obama is secretly signing up his ghost companies to run the restaurants, which promise to line his coffers with great wealth.

    This latest scheme by Obama is starting to look like standard M.O. for this ‘president’.  Only months ago, Obama used federal resources to nationalize ownership of GM Motors and become its figurative Chief Executive.  Such power grabs are the same seen from Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez.

    As we see Obama’s slopping goop with his new minimum wage workers at a New York Obama’s Chicken Shack in Harlem, he looks very smug as he knows the entire welfare foodstamp populace can and will massively support the restaurant.  Obama has found yet a new way to funnel away tax money from the hardworking to his non-working cronies and even worse himself.

    The series of restaurants offer Halal meat, that is, meat that’s been blessed by an Arabic Imam.  The restaurants also offer other foods popular amongst the black community:  donuts and sweet pies, lobsters, coffee, ice cream and malt liquor.

    Local New Yorkers have shown mixed reviews of the restaurant.

    Brooklyn native Tony Correli weighed in on the sitution:  “With the economy in shambles and so many people out of jobs, it’s perverted that the President would abuse the situation by creating a leech system for him and his little cronies to get rich.”

    Harlem’s Tabitha Dickson had this to say:  “I got three babies to feed and this restaurant right up the street, offers good food and is tax free with my food card.  We will be eating here on the regular.”

    And Manhattan’s T.G. Wentworth stated:  “We must end all these government subsidies.  Now even the president is trying to capitalize off a broken tax system.”

    Also troubling to many tax-paying citizens is the discrepancy and precedent the restaurants represent.

    Professional public accountant and firm excutive Jerry Dutcher gave a critical analysis:  “What is to stop Senators, Representatives and others with access to lawmaking privilege and easy loans to start up their chain of exploitive restaurants?

    Each of these businesses will tend to have a powerful, executive head who can easily acquire the required government small business loan that qualifies them for foodstamp eligibility.

    Once this cycle spreads, legit locally owned restaurants and even national chains will be jeopardized.  Even local grocers will see a loss in profit.  These restaurants are a tax sinkhole as they are made to cater to the palate of foodstamp receiving local populace, meaning that this is where people will be spending their welfare money.

    Great for the powerful person in charge, great for impoverished people looking for the restaurant experience and a quick, cheap meal but horrible for legit businesses.  Government sanctioned restaurants like this are just a fancy soupline, one that I fear we will see thousands if not millionds more Americans being forced to stand in.”

    At time of report, Obama has nothing to say of his new restaurant scheme.

    Showing no shyness in exploitation, Obama’s new restauranting businesses are also planning to bring their product directly into stores such as Wal-mart, Kroger subsidiaries and Albertsons.

    The food-stamp meals are called “Obama-packs’, promising to offer the buyer a taste of ‘exotic flavor with local familiarity’.

    Obama-fingers are ready-once-warmed meal that is marketed toward single mothers looking to quickly nourish their children on a busy day.

    The marketing for this product extends beyond America and the product is already being seen on the shelves in restaurants across the European Union as well as East Asia, especially in the Japanese market.  So far, the product has purportedly been a great hit and is being touted as ‘authentic American cuisine’.

    The most shocking aspect of the new line of Obama restaurants is their apparent menu in the making.

    While Obama and Michelle revised the national food pyramid into dietary circuits and have repeatedly critiqued and made fun of those who are obese, the restaurants menu of greasy pizza, fatty chicken and sweet pies washed down by The Big O, the name given to extra-large 1.5 liter cups in which soft drinks are sold, is hardling promoting healthy eating habits for the most destitute Americans.


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