• Peyton Manning Tries to Weasle Out of Divine Wrath, Sneaks to Europe for Stem Cell Neck Treatment

    September 20, 2011 12:48 am 9 comments
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  • The Holy Father despises Peyton Manning. The entire lockroom of the Colts does nothing but churn the collective belly’s of heaven’s divine angels. So imagine the disgust in Heaven tonight as news turns up that Peyton Manning is taking the life of babies in order to make himself stronger.

    As many of you scientific minded undestand, steam cells are created inside the body of a infant-child in womb.  Atheists will call this fetus an ‘infant’ so they can get court rights to end their life with ABORTION.

    Liberal atheists are sick, depraved people without morals.  How can anyone have a heart and think it is okay to take the life of a baby, just so a washed up has been NFL quarterback fancy boy can get back to his high end millionaire lifestyle a few months faster?

    The Daily Mail reports how Peyton Manning defied President George W. Bush’s order that no American can receive stem cell treatment.  President Bush did this because he knows America is a nation of God and the Constitution. 

    So Peyton went to the immoral, non-football having country of EUROPE where just like China, they have no problems making a baby gumbo out of pre-newborns!  These people are sick and twisted!

    Read the corroboration of my words because the heathen Euro Union liberalos will deny they were trying to aide and abet a terrorist!  They will deny they had a babysauce injecting genetic terrorist in their nation and they enabled him!

    I am happy to see that his attempts at stem cell injecting were unsuccessful.  He shall be in pain all season and not playing, which brings joy to my heart.

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