• PHOTO: SpongeBob Squarepants Arrested in West Hollywood for ‘Fighting in the Street’, Spreading the Gay Agenda

    September 14, 2011 8:26 pm 36 comments
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    A Homosexual Sea Sponging Terrified citizens sashayed and ran away from a drunk SpongeBob Squarepants early Wednesday, as the costumed menage violently swung out of Dapper Dan’s Dally Shack at Hollywood and Highland, a homosexual club renown for its must-lusting rave events. Fueled by meth and other unknown nose snorted substances, the violent sponge chaffed 9 officers and nearly reverse sodomized one other before finally submitting to 5 direct taser probes.

    Homosexual sea-sponge cartoon Spongebob Squarepants has been in hot water this week, following reports in Pediatrics by child psychologist Amber Cooper and a team of her colleagues. The reports found a disturbing trend in the child’s cartoon causing children to not only have lower IQs, but also contributing to childhood obesity.

    While the show’s overtly homosexual undertones have been recognized by critics, little was known about the show enticing children to eat junk foods through subliminal messages until the study.

    News of the study has put the Spongebob cartoon group under great pressure and fire, potentially fueling the crazy outburst in West Hollywood.

    Liberal newsrag LA Times quotes one Twitter user on the scene:  “‘It’s starting to feel like fall….which, clearly, is the perfect time for spongebob to get arrested for fighting in the streets. real.'”

    spongebob suit hollywood.jpg
    After injuring a score of officers and nearly reverse sodomizing one other, SpongeBob was attacked with five direct Taser probes. It took a combination of law enforcement and brave members from the crowd to finally subdue to rogue criminal.

    Shocked tourists on the Hollywood Tour Bus screamed and pointed, taking pictures and being shocked by the entire ordeal.  No reports yet from the LAPD on where SpongeBob is being held.  Three officers had to be hospitalized after the assault from the seasponge.

    This report undermines FCC warnings that SpongeBob is dangerous and volatile.  Such antics show how this cartoon leads children to violence, homosexuality and disrespect for authority.

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