• Pinko Atheist Homogay Emosexuals from Wikilink’s 4-chanonymous hack Christwire spread lies about Satanic emo “music” bands!!!!

    September 13, 2011 6:19 pm 29 comments
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    Attention: This is a Christwire breaking story! This article is part 1 of a series I will do as more information comes in.

    In case you haven’t noticed, An article stating that emo bands are “awesome” was posted over the weekend. As I was at church and 9/11 memorials I did not notices the article: http://christwire.org/2011/09/the-real-bands-satan-susan-got-the-facts-wrong-on/.

    Some whore emosexual from Taln (Halrey Quin) Stagg has infiltrated our site and is posting liberal emo filth. She even defiles the good same of dear old Sister Susan! It is clear what has happened, folks. We have been hacked by notorious The 4-Chan and Anonymous hackers ( collectivly nown as 4-chanonymous). But, do not drink the Cool-Ade yet, my beloved Christ followers, the time is not now. HE will tell you when. Now in this present G*dness earth, you make ask what The 4-chan and Anonymous are. In short, they are radical emosexual homogay communist hackers who created cults inspided by Wikilinks, which is a spinoff of the notorious pro-gay, pro athiest and pro liberal Wikipedia. Or as I like to say Wikipedofiles because it promotes child porn. And not the good kind. I am going to do extensive research on this incident and provide a full report later this week. Please stay with us for more updates. And remember, if anyone says anything proclaiming the glory of the emos and theyre “music”, They arer Lucifer. They will go to hell.

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    Earl Gunther Smith Jr. I am a 59 year old man who is not afraid to dive into emo and hipster underground to revel the truth

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