• Power Outage in Arizona, Southern California and Mexico Caused By One Illegal Immigrant’s Protest of Immigration Laws

    September 9, 2011 9:13 am 26 comments
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  • I consider myself to be a “Fun loving Christian who respects everybody”, but when one person takes it upon themselves to shut down power to basically the entire Mexican border just to get his 50-60 family members across safely into America, I cannot stand idly by and watch.

    Yesterday, the power was shut off to most of Southern California near San Diego over into Arizona through Yuma, and even down into Mexico. 1.4 million Americans were, and still are without power (also, possibly 2 million Mexicans, but that is a side note because they don’t pay taxes to our wonderful America).

    It turns out that this was all caused by the error of ONE man, Jorge Guitterez-Gonzales. This man has lived here for 12 years under a false social security number, but since Obama decided to pay for College for these illegals, he was able to get a job controlling the power supplies of over a million Americans. (Thanks Obama, Is this in you $450 billion Jobs plan too???)

    It turns out that Jorge made a very simple “mistake”, and that “error” set off a massive chain reaction, even shutting down 2 nuclear reactors.

    The San Diego Gas and Electric Company stated that this was “Not a Terrorist Attack”, but the spokesman’s name seem strangely foreign, Mikel Nigli.

    Further investigations have revealed that Jorge had recently requested 50 work visas for his family member to join him in America, all of which were denied.

    This is more proof of why we need to remove the illegals like Mexicans, Muslims, Blacks, Jews, Emosexuals and Hipsters from our Country, or at least put them into special “Training Camps” where they can learn to be God Fearing Christians and fight for America instead of against us. In these camps, we can give them proper training about hard work, we can show them the newest scientific procedures that we had only tested on animals before, but they can become Citizens by letting us test on them instead. These camps will help them gain some concentration on their lives and teach them to be a proper American.

    There was one good thing that came from this Mexican Terror attack however, It shut down power to Coachella, so we now know what line to cut to stop that abomination next year.

    Jorge the Mexican Terroristhttp://abcnews.go.com/US/electrical-worker-blamed-leaving-millions-power-california-arizona/story?id=14478198

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