• Pro-abortionists build “Great Wall of Fetus” on Tennessee Christian college campus

    September 16, 2011 5:19 pm 48 comments
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  • The week started out quiet at the University of Tennasseee, a christian college in the eastern part of the state. Apparently abortioners thought it was TOO quiet and wanted to disrupt my studying and learning with their sin display of fetus fangling! The pro-choicers set up a demonstration in a heavy trafficked area of the campus called the Pedestrian walkways. What they did here was the most disturbing abortion thing I ever saw. They erected high walls plastered with pictures of dead fetus and gnarled babe parts. It was gross! These people want you to have a abortion so they can take a photo and put it on their fetus collage cause they have a sick fetish for these kinds of things. Right across from this Leaning Tower of Fetus was a devil whore handing out condams to people to encourage them to have more sex and increase abortion rate. I think they even yelled at a pregnant lady with child to come over and have the abortion right then and there!

    Viower excretion advised: very gross fetus pictures incoming

    liberals love genocide, but fetusocide is their favorite

    There it is. Imagine you are a pregnant lady and your fetus could peer out your belly hole and see all this!

    Pro-abortioner advising lady on which trimester is most fun to kill baby at.

    So there you have it. Pro-abortionists build this great wall of fetus like the muslims tried to build their mosque on ground 0 for sign of conqeuring victory!

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