• Rebecca Black’s Awkwardly Dancing Friend Makes Electronic Dance Music Dubstep

    September 2, 2011 8:22 pm 8 comments
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  • As if we needed more proof of how ‘chart-topping’ electronic dance music can be created with horribly crafty Audacity filters and a $20 Windows Movie Maker plugin, we see Rebecca Black’s awkwardly dancing friend (the homegirl to the left) has made a new music video.


    We also know that statistics:  as reported by Mike Watson, 63% of Dubstep music fans are abortion-toking hookers who attend secret LSD orgies behind the backs of their parents.  Therefore it comes as no surprise that this video corroborate the findings at the 16 second mark of the video, with the prompt appearance of a tainted pregnancy kit.  This key moment is highlighted by the angst ridden emo revenge lyrics, “Look down on you, like you look down on me.”

    Electronic Dance Music is a talentless genre of music that is all about drug-filled raves and wanton carnality.  We can see even the most pure and awkward of girls turn into bad little gothic punkrockers when exposed to the weird electronical vibrations that emanates from this music’s commie techno beats.


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