• Ron Paul Now Wants to Abolish “Minimum Wage” To Help Poor People

    September 8, 2011 1:40 pm 4 comments
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  • Hi, poor people, you college students, waitresses, entry level workers and high school kiddies who are getting that first job to get a care and save up for college. Did you know Ron Paul wants to reduce your salaries to help you?

    The always brilliant Dr. Ron Paul, Ob/GYN, was doling out strong political medicine at last night’s GOP presidential debate. Paul illustrated why he’s a kooky Texan who chamipions feudalism and truly belongs to a different millenia.

    After last week’s debacle of stating that the US does not need a federal agency to help with disaster areas after a hurricane, right after Hurricane Irene caused millions of dollars of damages and claimed 34 lives, and keep in mind that Irene was downgraded to a category 1, Ron Paul dared to state that “just like the 1940s, 50s, 60s…”, America does not need nonsense like National Response services for natural disasters.

    I’m guessing Ron Paul thinks things like Hurricane Katrina and the Japanese Tsunami are to be easily taken care of by locals who have jobs that don’t even pay a minimum wage.

    ==>  Proof of the Delusion:  Ron Paul Actually Thinks The US Should Have No Minimum Wage, No Really.  Ron Paul states having no minimum wage will somehow help poor people.  Keep in mind Ron Paul believes in no national healthcare or assisstance for people in any situation.  So basically, Ron Paul is saying poor people can die or bend over backward for their rich local feudal lords, just like the olden days.  It’s just like Braveheart all over again.

    Maybe Paul has a masochist infatuation of seeing the lower classes suffer.  He surely hates blacks and women, being against every Civil Rights legislation the federal government as enacted.  Why not add the poor to his list?  They are waisting the money of good, hard-working Christian white men too.

    Ron Paul is a wolf in sheep’s skin.  Do not forget that at the forefront of progress have been good Christian men.  It was Christians behind groups like the YMCA and the Civil Rights movement.  It was a Republican man who defied any state to try to break away from the Union and keep their rights to slavery.

    Ron Paul is against America and is very dangerous.  Liberals like Ron Paul, because they want him to be the GOP candidate so they can crucify him for his crazy views and paint the entire GOP as delusional.  That is why they demand we give this kooky demogogue coverage and he is sly.  He will try to slyly talk about his points and make them not seem so bad.  But as a whole, the man truly wants us to all be like William Wallace, our wives splayed before the engorged pleasure of local rich men, the federal government disbanded and us peasants begging for alms in fiefdoms.  What a glorious setup for the independently wealthy.

    No thanks, Dr. No.  Do not go the path of Ron Paul, his gynocological hands have nothing but betrayal and illegal plyings planned for Lady Liberty’s future.

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