• San Francisco Artist Creates “Womb Experience” Exhibit at Musuem of Homosexuality

    September 23, 2011 6:58 am 51 comments
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    Though the gays purport they have no interest in the female’s manpleasuring region, they show a sick, morbid infatuation with it.  This truth should come as great warning to you men out there who have girlfriends/wives with gay friends.

    One of the most important lessons you should know about gays is that they are addicted to fornication.  It cares not the source, including the fertility of your wife.  A gay man will betray your trust the second your back is turned.  While this is common knowledge in the American penal system, it is not for moral, upright men like you and me.

    In a recent study, a whopping 87% of women confessed to having illegal contact with a gay ‘friend’ behind the backs of their husbands and boyfriends.  Many shocked parents have too late learned that 68% of all high school pregnancies are the result of a girl getting knocked up by her gay friend.

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    Many people will deny the polling data and logic I’ve presented, but a visual evidence is provided for those with little faith in statistical science and my factual opinion.

    Below we see an exhibit at the Museum of Homosexuality in San Franciso. Here we see the gays have created a shrine to having an affair with a married man’s woman. In the gay community, men who engage in this act have named this fetish “Wedded Pleasure Sponging” and if your wife has had a gay friend for more than a few years, you may want to consider having your kids get a genetic test and a Gay Bowel Disease test while you are at it.

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