• Sarah Palin: Still A Dirty Whorelot. Double Fornication, Adultery and a Side of Coke.

    September 14, 2011 11:12 pm 46 comments
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  • You may remember months ago when I told you about what a whorelot Saran Pain was having starred in an 80’s porn. Many said that my proof was not real or not enough. Well I have waited and that proof has come to me. Today my dear friend Brother Glossar gave me a link to a news article about an upcoming book that tells us a bit about Mrs. Palin.

    The star of The Tea Party was once a star of pornography.

    The San Francisco Chronicle, and National Enquirer are reporting that an upcoming book by Joe McGinniss, “The Rogue: Searching for the Real Sarah Palin”, which is scheduled for release next week,is going to include information from black Basket ball star Glen Rice. “In the book, McGinniss quotes Rice as confirming the one-night stand.”

    At the time, Palin was a sports reporter for the Anchorage, Alaska TV station KTUU. Rice, who became a NBA star, was playing in a tournament in Alaska at the time of the alleged fornication. A National Enquirer source says that at the time of this encounter, Palin had a “fetish” (known as “Jungle Fever”) for black men. She was involved with future husband Todd, who she married only nine months after this african tribal fornication fest. But if that isn’t bad enough the book also tells us Palin later fornicated with her husband’s business partner, Brad Hanson, leading her loving and trusting husband Todd to dissolve the partnership and end their snowmobile dealership. This adulterous and fornicative relationship lasted six months and adds to rumors that the couple’s marriage has been on the rocks for decades. Why did he stay with this the dirty little hussy? The next revelation from the book tells us.

    “That’s right, I hit dat”.

    They were strung out on drugs. Could this be the time that Sarah did her porno? She and her rabid mindless supporters, fervently deny my article. They are like Peter denying christ. But will they deny this proof when it comes out next week? THe book claims that Palin and her husband were strung out on cocaine. Supposedly once during snowmobiling with friends they took a break to snort some cocaine off of a rusty 55-gallon oil drum!

    So lets take a moment to run down a list of her sins:
    *fornicated with a black basketballer
    *probably fornicated premarritally with her future husband
    *Did porno fornicating with Russian commies
    *adulterous fornication with husbands friend and business partner
    *lost John McCain the presidency and afflicted 4 years of Obamaism upon the country
    *Quit as Governor as Alaska cause it was to hard
    *Couldn’t take being Governor but wants a promotion?

    Sinful whorelot hussy exposing her ripe, robust sin melons.

    America it is time to wake up and say NO to this whorelot hussy. Stop watching her shows, stop listening her and STOP supporting her!

    “I got jungle fever!”

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