• Scarlett Johanssoning Nude Hacked Phone Photo Scandal Causes New #Scarlettjohannsoning Trend on Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook

    September 16, 2011 4:45 pm 11 comments
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  • Scarlett Johansson

    Scarlett Johansson is the most recent celebrity to have her lady bits mooned all over the internet. And sadly, this trend is causing college women to engage in ‘Scarlett Johanssoning’ on Facebook and #scarlettjohanssing on the website, Twitter. This musky trend of exposed, taut gluteal flesh and sensual, soft mammalian ludicrosities is destroying relationships and ethics, even worse than the steamy college-coed comic book girl nerd panty trend I warned all you parents about on Facebook.

    A female’s desire for being a little harlot for Satan oft clouds their ability for good judgment.  We saw this fact proved once again only a few days ago, when Scarlett Johansson cried to the FBI because her naughty pictures were hacked out of her cellphone and placed on the internet.

    While such exposures of celebrities if fairly common, these Johansson leaks were of a different breed.  Scarlett did not do it on purpose.  She had apparently done the typical female thing and taken the pictures to share with her ex-boyfriends in secret emails and Facebook.  She did not want the entire world to see them.

    And this has started the new trend.  College girls are now taking semi-nude pictures of themselves in double mirror camera schemes.  What’s worse, is that college guys are joining them.  Statistics are already showing that the search volume for Scarlett Johanssoning has jumpe 134% and with those numbers, you can rest assured that at least 3/5 of you have a cheating wife or girlfriend that’s exposing her spread bosoms or glutes on camera, then sending them to her boyfriend.  You better hack her phone and catch her in the act.

    For you gays, you are vile and promiscous, so there is a 5/5 chance that your ‘other’ is cheating on you like the whores gays tend to be.

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