• Sister Susan’s Return: Emosexuals, BVB, and Their Satanic Threat

    September 8, 2011 1:46 am 108 comments
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  • Editors Note: You may remember that Sister Susan went into hiding weeks ago after Emosexuals, threatened her life, picketed outside her suburban Atlanta Church, and set fire to the Christwire Atlanta offices. We have just received confirmation that she is coming out of hiding to once again teach us about the glorious love of Christ and to fight the evil of Satan’s grasp on the world. She had this to say to us:

    “I am back! I am angry. And I am going to kick Satan in his balls!”

    Welcome Back Sister Susan:

    For too long now I have been hiding from the emo threats. I didn’t want to, but it was at the urging of my family. Well I am back. For to long I have been visiting family members and on vacation. But Satan isn’t on vacation. Every night his emo minions creep onto the internet and post rude and disgusting comments on the christwire’s facebook wall and on the actual pages of the christwire site. I have watched as several members have made pathetic attempts at fighting these emos with self belittling comments, lame articles, poorly written articles, and even worse articles written by emo’s that are allowed to be posted on this site.

    It is like when you watch a movie about possession. They never send in the new 20 year old priest, they send in the grissled cigar chomping veteran. dealing with emos is like dealing with a demonic possession. To many of you have been taken over, it is time to get out of the way and let the expert take over. I am the one that first identified the emo scourge, I am the one that first wrote of emo bands, I am the one that brought the vile emo’s out, and it it is I that will send them back to hell where they belong.

    8th Commandment:

    People… there is plenty of evil out there, find your own demon and choke it into submission. It is better to speak with your own voice then using anothers.

    Let the thief no longer steal, but rather let him labor, doing honest work with his own hands, so that he may have something to share with anyone in need. – Ephesians 4:28

    Black Veal Brides

    So what is the biggest emo threat? That is an easy one. Black Veal Brides.

    After I published Black Veal Brides: Emo rock at the Crossroads of Hell a virtual army of devil possessed prepubescent girls was unleashed from the bloated bowels of hell, upon christwire. As I write this 3,451 people have liked the article on facebook, it has been tweeted 212 times. It has been shared on other social media networks and has 1,406 comments making it the 3rd most talked about article on this web site. Even weeks after I wrote it angry emo children post on the christwire facebook page every night, and then they come here and post their vile filth on our holy pages.

    Are we going to take this? Heaven No!

    Jesus is mad and he ain’t taking your emo crap

    BVB News:

    So what’s new with these satanic fecal flinging, filth spewing, cross dressing, transgendered homogay basement dwelling ass bandit sodomizers?

    Well for a music group that is covered in more makeup than talent or ability it may not surprise you that they have been sponsored by a makeup company. That is right. A band that is supposedly composed of males has “Makeup Provided By MAC” at the bottom of their website.

    Why would a company known for making generations of American women look like whores decide to sponsor this generations version of KISS? To sell their make up to the angry hordes of emo girls, who are just about to hit puberty and want to look like slutty whores just like their mothers did for Def Leppard. As we have all seen the BVB Army is blindly loyal to the satanic devil worshipers. MAC wants that fan base and their money.
    But more surprising is that they are not the first company to sponsor the emosexual rockers. Last year, Mehron was the Official Sponsor of the Black Veil Brides Tour.

    Sodomy isn’t funny or cute

    When The Black Veil Brides were first featured on the Mehron Blog for their use of Mehron Makeup, their fan base burned up the Mehron Blog bandwidth. Since then, Mehron has become an Official Sponsor of the Black Veil Brides live concert tour, offering Mehron Makeup to their fans who attend a live performance.

    Christian Soldiers:

    Let us not forget that Jesus himself demands that we defend him and his holy message. We must uphold his message as christian soldiers and take it to the sinners. We must hold them down and force it down their throats if we have to. This war is to important to win. We have all seen the posts of the poorly educated children. Sadly they are our future. If we do not teach them how to act, think, and look like Americans then this country is doomed. When this generation takes over, if they are still cross dressing, makeup wearing freaks then the muslim terrorists will roll over us and this nation will go from the home of the brave to the home of the falaffel and shiskabob eating Allah lovers.

    Jesus will be so ashamed, if we let HIS nation fall to these depths.

    Here is a video of BVB mocking skin cancer and religion:

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    Susan B. Xenu Although over 80 years old, she is still a woman of unparalleled intellect and passion. She brings her spiritual fire to every aspect of her life. A widow, she lives in Atlanta, Ga and has been active in her church for over seven decades! "Sister Susan" has been a popular Christian author for over 30 years. She has written numerous books on the bible, as well as for Christwire and her own blog. She will soon be launching NewsOfChrist.com with friend, and pastor Chuck D. Finley. She loves hearing from fans, add her on Facebook or Twitter.

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