• State of Georgia Caught Buying Death Row Drug Sodium Thiopental From Fake Company, So How Can They Be Trusted to Execute Troy Davis Justice?

    September 22, 2011 1:07 am 5 comments
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  • State of Georgia Caught Importing Drug Sodium Thiopental from Fake UK Business Operated behind a London Warehouse, Planned to Use Illegal Drug to  Troy Davis in Early January

    Sodium thiopental is a drug that was traditionally used to kill criminals in America until the only American company that produced the substance stopped selling it.  Worldwide, the death penalty is not popular and many companies do not supply drugs that enable American states with an active death penalty to execute suspected and court-convicted criminals by death.

    But the State of Georgia, the same state steeped in a history of turmoil and racism, has plenty of sodium thiopental on hand.  They recently killed Troy Davis, a man convicted of a double-homicide, despite the fact that the only ‘evidence’ against him was eye-witness testimony that was retracted.

    This is the same as being convicted of a crime and having the only proof against you be DNA evidence from the 1990s.  The court received an order to review the DNA evidence in 2011 and guess what, they found the genetic material had 0% chance of being yours.

    With this new evidence, there is 0 evidence against you for the crime.  Yet, the court decides that you should still die.  Why would this happen?

    Look at the skin of Troy Davis.  It is black, and apparently in Georgia, the very state where Lyndon B. Johnson had to call in federal troops to get the Governor of the state to stop blocking a door to a school so little black kids could enter, having black skin makes you guilty of a crime, even when all ‘evidence’ used against you in court has been dropped and recanted.

    Is Troy Davis innocent?  Who knows.  But there is definitely a doubt in my mind that the evience used against him is legit, since again, only eye-witness testimony convicted this man and that testimony has been withdrawn.

    I usually do not see eye-to-eye with Reverend Al Sharpton on many issues, but today he is spot on and delivering the truth about this trial.  There is an injustice going in within the American justice system.  And if we cannot trust our justice system, our government, our way of life, is out of balance and stands in danger to us all.  If there was no true evidence to convict Troy Davis, his execution, only minutes ago, is murder.  Just take a moment to hear Al Sharpton explain this situation:

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    Sodium Thiopental: A Good Choice for Justice?

    So we see that a man was still sent to death in America, without any active trial evidence that could convict him if a jury trial were held for him right now.

    And even beyond that injustice, we find the drug sodium thiopental. It was a traditional agent used to induce sleep before surgery. This sedative effect was exploited by use of this drug in a three part cocktail to humanely ‘kill’ those on death row.

    The problem, as documented as early as 2007, is that incorrect dosing of sodium thiopental results in excrutiating pain for death row inmates.  Torture is prohibited by US law and by Geneva convention.  The drug is not truly meant to be dosed 8 – 10 times higher than standard for anestesia, as is still done in states that allow death penalty.

    It is not 100% fullproof and there have been reports of convicted criminals grimacing as painful drugs that cause internal asphixyation take hold, showing that the sodium thiopental, only meant to be used as an agent to induce sedation, not maintain it, can wear off more quickly than predicted.

    This all escalates in problem when we find the State of Georgia, the state that just took the life of Troy Davis, was purportedly ordering this drug from a patently questionable UK company that was operating from a van behind a store warehouse. 

    The DEA has since seized Georgia’s supply of Sodium Thiopental.  In case you missed that, again, the Federal Government had to seize the drug supply bought by the State of Georgia because it may not be legal.  Georgia ordered the drug in haste, so it could ‘execute’ men like Troy Davis?  One may ask that question and one may dare to think of the implication if it is true.

    I am a Republican man and I do believe every person on Earth must be granted due justice.  If you are convicted of murder, the charges must stick under the deepest scrutiny of law.  And when you have only eye-witness testimony, that’s redacted, and are still murdered, that is surely suspect at the very least.

    We will never know if Troy Davis is innocent or guilty, because he is now dead, by a state who orders potentially illegal and scarce drugs from fly-by-night companies operating out of the United Kingdom, forcing the federal government to step in and seize the drugs.  This same state ordered the death of a man whose full use of the US criminal justice system may have failed, because the question of the very evidence that put him to death being withdrawn exists.

    The state of Georgia just killed a black man without any standing evidence.

    Richard Kim at The Nation has created a timelines of events leading to this great injustice in our American society.

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