• Superman Promotes Zodomy

    September 12, 2011 10:09 am 58 comments
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  • Superman: Symbol of freedom, a paragon of America’s virtue, upstanding values, which at times have included both truth and justice.

    Over the decades since his inception, Superman has been the hero of many a red blooded American male, yet has he also been an insidious tool, used to covertly pervert and confuse our youth’s burgeoning proud Christian values which our great country holds so very dear?

    Created in the late 1930’s by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, both the sons of Jewish European emigres, Superman started out life as an obvious Mary Sue through whom these two skinny Jewish boys lived their justifiably harsh lives. Bullet proof and impervious to the harsh blows and words that were a part of everyday life for these two potential Belsen dodgers, Superman also served as a Messiah-like trolling sock in order to perfidiously bait America’s Christians with his god-like powers and supposedly strong moral fibre, which surely must have lessened the awe with which our country’s innocents viewed Our Lord Jesus’s magnificently magical feats.

    Styled as the ultimate illegal alien from the long destroyed planet Krypton (an obvious allegory for the Jewish homeland of Zion), Superman would go on to wantonly parade through the sexually charged fantasies of America’s mostly male youth clad in the type of fancy dress which would not look out of place on the back of some homogay kitted for a night out on the town in our proud nation’s modern day equivalents of Soddom and Gommorah; Greenwich Village and San Fransico. Supported by a loyal cast which included his long suffering beard; Lois Lane and acting as an object of unrequited love for the learning disabled ginger haired kid photographer, Jimmy Olsen, Superman frequently went on to enjoy seemingly heroic solo adventures plus some (most probably sexual) with Batman and his underage sidekick (and obvious boy-whore), Robin.

    Owing to the fact Superman’s that writers have followed, and at times facilitated society’s sick moral decline, the year’s since his creation have witnessed stories of increasingly homoerotic content, yet none more so than the upcoming motion picture: ‘Superman: The Man Of Steel’.

    Helmed by Zak Snyder, a director famous for the film ‘Sucker Punch’, who’s title is only one word different from the depraved sexual act (which morally, should only be practised by a married male on his female spouse) known as a ‘Falcon Punch’, this also Jewish sounding individual will be responsible for Superman’s most depraved adventure yet.

    In this upcoming feature of filth, Superman will kneel before his arch enemy and fellow Kryptonion, Zod, thus confirming he is a Zodomite, whom practises the vile act of Zodomy.

    We at Christwire deplore such obvious displays of the homogay way and would ask potential viewers to stay well away, lest they leave from the cinema feeling quite fey.

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