• Terrifying: Japanese Student Walking Routine, Precise

    September 12, 2011 11:05 am 14 comments
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    The Japanese have been sneak training an army.  My friends, I tell you what.  The Japanese are still gunning for Pearl Harbor and to dominate America.

    As you know, after the hijab terrorists of 9/11 the most deadly attack on America was the Japanese at Pearl Harbor.  They allied with Adolph Hitler and desired to wipe out the Jewish people, the commies and all our lesser friends in Europe.  It took many American lives, prayers and technology to finally wipe these great evils out.

    After the World War II, America was forced to ground Japan. We demanded that they never again have a standing army or build offensive military technology.

    We forced Japan to agree to our demands lest they face the peaceful fury of our firebombs and nuclear might upon Tokyo, and they relented.  They signed the agreement.

    We know that through the years, they have been building suspicious robots that are scary and terrifying and technology in the hands of Japan is always a bad thing.  They are too smart and have no morals to guide their scientific ability.  But now, we see they have been training foot soldiers under our nosese in the last places we would expect:  their schools.

    Look at them cadence like little slanty eyed ant synchronized robots!

    Here we see the Japanese elementary students march with precision and accuracy!  This is a routine that you would see in the graduating honors class at Westpoint! I wish it were the 1940s all over again, because I would glady hop aboard any plane and help lift nukes downt he bomb shoot!  These Asians are all gunning for America and we must now demand all Japonaise schools shut down before this little saki monsters try to come over here and make us drunk with sneak attack death!


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