• Texas School Persecutes Normal Student for Opposing Homosexuality

    September 23, 2011 10:45 am 78 comments
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  • western_hills_high_school2Fort Worth, Texas – Western Hills High School

    Disregard for the American Constitution’s first amendment took place in Texas last week, after school officials sacked an honors student for telling a classmate that homosexuality is wrong.

    The mom of the student, Holly Pope, was “‘absolutely stunned'”  after she learned her son, Dakota, was sent to in-school supsension.

    “Dakota is a very well-grounded 14-year-old.”

    “He’s been in church his whole life and  he’s been taught to stand up for what he believes.”

    The mother went on to tell that her son is also a great football player and contributes to his church’s youth group.

    This story reveals one truth we’ve long known:  Christians and those who stand for traditional marriage values are a persecuted group in America.  Young children like Dakota are already being persecuted and having their beliefs and values systems trampled in public schools.

    Every child has a right to know that homosexuxality is wrong.  Every person in America has the Constitutional right to say gay marriage is not okay.  If this had been a gay student stating that heterosexuals are wrong for not believing in gay marriage, it would be no issue.  But these hypocrite liberals have no regard for fair play.

    If a normal student says homosexuals are wrong for believing in gay marriage, it is suddenly a suspension?

    Today’s tragic story started in a German class at the high school.  A tax-payer funded teacher failed to stop a conversation aboput religion and homosexuality in Germany from taking place in the classroom.  As the conversation progressed, Dakota turned to a friend and simply stated, “Homosexuality is wrong” and he felt that way because he was a Christian.

    Just like a well-trained liberal SS, the German teacher immediately started barking commands at Dakota and sent him to detention.

    “It wasn’t directed to anyone execpt my friend who was sitting behind me,” Dakota stated.  “I guess the teacher heard me.  He started yelling.  He told me he was going to write me an infraction and send me to the office.”

    Dakota’s mother was rightfully stunned.  For simply stating he does not agree with homosexuality, Dakota’s record was marred with a three-day suspension.  Dakota, only 14, was forced to endure a violation of his 1st Amendment rights.  He, an American, was persecuted for his beliefs, steeped in his upbringing in a moral home.

    Even more troubling in this story is the teacher involved.  According to a Civil Liberties expert, the teacher in question allegedly brings homosexual topics to the fore on a consistent basis:

    Officials at the high school did not return calls for comment. However, the Fort  Worth Independent School District issued a statement that read:

    “As a  matter of course, Fort Worth ISD does not comment on specific employee or  student-related issues. Suffice it to say that we are following district policy  in our review of the circumstances and any resolution will likewise be in  accordance with district policy.”

    After a meeting with Pope and her  attorney, the school rescinded the two-day suspension so Dakota would be allowed  to play in an upcoming football game.

    “They’ve righted all the wrongs,” said Matt Krause, an attorney with the Liberty Counsel. “This should have no  lasting effect on his academic or personal record going forward.”

    Pope  contacted the Liberty Counsel immediately after her son was punished.

    “I  told the school that he should never have been suspended for exercising his  Constitutional rights,” Krause told Fox News Radio. “The principal is sincere in  trying to do the right thing and hopefully they will tell the teacher, ‘Do not  do that anymore.’ He won’t be pushing his agenda.”

    Krause called the  incident “mind blowing” and said the teacher had frequently brought  homosexuality into ninth grade classroom discussions.

    “There has been a  history with this teacher in the class regarding homosexual topics,” Krause  said. “The teacher had posted a picture of two men kissing on a wall that  offended some of the students.”

    Krause said the picture was posted on the  teacher’s “world wall.”

    “He told the students this is happening all over  the world and you need to accept the fact that homosexuality is just part of our  culture now,” Krause said.

    The school district would not comment on why a  teacher was discussing homosexuality in a ninth grade German class.

    “In  German class there should be no talk of being pro-Gay or homosexual topics,” Krause said.

    Dakota’s mother said she believes the teacher should  apologize.

    “He should never have been punished,” Pope said. “He didn’t  disrupt the class. He wasn’t threatening. He wasn’t hostile. He made a comment  to his friend and the teacher overheard it.”

    The persecution of Christians grows day by day.  The left-wing grows more comfortable trampling the rights of Americans who are Christians.  These bigots are forcing the rights of students to believe in things like the nuclear family, Creationism and the right to life out the door.  They want their laws of perversion to rule and are using the most underhanded methods to bring that end to a reality.

    Student Suspended for Saying Gay Is Wrong: MyFoxDFW.com

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