• “The New Girl” FOX’s Modern Answer To “Three’s Company”

    September 25, 2011 7:18 pm 24 comments
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  • The new television Fall Season is upon us. It is a time for cooler temperatures, falling leaves, the children returning to school, and a return for vile sin treats to attack our hearts minds and souls. The FOX channel (not to be confused with Fox News, bastion of Christlike right wing news coverage) has been a controversial pit of depravity since they first started infecting the air waves 20 years ago.

    One of their new sin treats is called “The New Girl” and stars actress Zooey Deschanel as young whorelot, Jessica. This Zooey has stared in various TV shows and movies that I have never heard of before. I would doubt you have heard of them either but for journalistic purposes she has been in Almost Famous (fitting since I have never heard of her before), Elf, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, and Failure to Launch. Most notably she is married to the lead singer for an Emosexual band known as “Death Cab For Cutie”.

    She plays a young girl that is living in sin with her boyfriend. One day she comes home early for a sultry fornicatious role play act with him and finds him with another woman. She then has to find a new place to live. She decides to move in with 3 young men, Nick (Jake Johnson) a bartender, Schmidt (Max Greenfield) a professional, and Coach (Damon Wayans, Jr.) an athlete trainer.

    I have to ask, what kind of young woman moves in with 3 men? What kind of despicable and unspeakable sexual acts does she hope will occur? If “Three’s Company” then “Four’s an Orgy”! That is what the show should really be called.

    During the show she repeatedly watches the sinful movie “Dirty Dancing”. A horrible movie from the late 80’s that taught Americas youth to dry hump one another on the dance floor. By the end of the first episode she has the men watching this testosterone lowering movie. This movie was a career stain on the life’s work of Proud American actor, Patric Swayze, star of such wonderful uplifting movies as Red Dawn, The Outsiders, and North and South

    Even more confusing is that Damon Wayans, Jr. is staring in this show. How can he be in this show as well as the similar premised but less morally offensive series “Happy Endings”. I think it will be confusing for him to appear on two different series at the same time.

    Although this show is not as sinful as “Two an 1/2 Men“, “The Big Bang Theory“, or “The Late, Late Show with Craig Furgeson“, I am afraid that I can not recommend this new series to my young viewers.

    It is being reported that FOX has decided to fire Damon Wayans, Jr. for being black and to replace him, starting with the second episode with a frenchman named Lamorne Morris. Morris will play Winston a failed athlete.

    Too black for Fox, much unlike, when they employed his father, uncles, aunt, cousins, etc.

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