• Todays Forecast = Sodomy with a Strong Chance of Death

    September 9, 2011 9:16 am 9 comments
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  • Todays Forecast = Sodomy with a Strong Chance of Death
    – Chuck D. Finley

    Maumelle, Arkansas – KARK 4 News weatherman, Brett Cummins has had the party of his life. On Monday, Cummins went to a party thrown by John Barbour around 11 at night. He was accompanied by “friend” Dexter Williams.

    “They then began to drink and use illegal narcotics,” the Investigating Officer said Barbour told him. “Mr. Barbour stated he was not sure of the drugs that they were using but that they were snorting them.”

    Two hours later, the police said Cummins and Williams got into the Jacuzzi to have a drink, and Barbour later joined them. Barbour said he left the two and went into the living room, where he fell asleep on the couch. He woke up around 8 a.m. Tuesday and could hear Cummins snoring. He then began to gather glasses in the bathroom and wake up Cummins before realizing Williams was dead.

    But the interesting thing is that Cummins the weather man had “Dexter’s head…lying behind Brett’s left shoulder…After Brett awoke they discovered that Dexter was not conscious and his face was a different color.” But more interesting is the dead man was naked, except for a “dog collar” around his neck!

    The meteorologist was horrified, the report says:
    “Brett screamed and became ill and left the bathroom and vomited on the carpet in the living room.” The weatherman then left the house, but insisted he would return. “Cummins did return to the residence and gave a statement to investigators,” When police arrived they observed Williams “lying on his right side in a fetal position, his face was blue and purple in color with a chain around his neck,” the report said. “The chain was silver in color and consistent with what I believed to be a dog collar.” The investigator also said he “observed a small ring of blood around the bottom of the tub.”

    An autopsy is underway to determine what killed Williams, but no charges have been filed in the death, yet. KARK 4 News stated online Tuesday that “Brett will not be on the air as he is mourning the loss of his friend.”

    So as a Christian Investigative Journalist, I am left to fill in the gaps of what really happened…which is an unintended pun, as it is obvious that there were several gaps “filled” that night.

    So the weatherman arrives at the home of his friend with his boy toy date that was more than a decade younger than him. They soon start drinking and snorting coke and crystal meth off of each others ridged penises. Dazed and confused the men take the boy toy to the jacuzzi where they undress him and begin to committ unspeakable acts of anal and mouth sodomy on him. They take turns pounding his poor tight virgin sin receptor. Being sick homogay BSDM fetishists they tie him up like a dog and ride him around the house like a little dirty Filipino boy whore. Eventually the young man dies of one a few possibilities
    1)a drug overdose
    2)During sodomization they get rough and unmercifully crack his skull on the porceline jacuzzi while ravaging his waste extraction point
    3)He realizes his shame and begs for death from God almighty above.

    This sickens me. Why people would engage in behavior such as this is unthinkible.

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    Chuck D. Finley Brother Chuck is the Minister of The First Tyranical Church of Jesus in Roswell Ga. He is also a proud husband and father.

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