• Two and A Half Men, But 100% Sin.

    September 24, 2011 9:05 pm 37 comments
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  • Last Monday 27.7 million viewers Americans watched the sinful CBS smutfest that is “Two 1/2 Men”. I think this just goes to show you what a horrible state this nation is in.

    In case you are one of the few that have not heard about this horrid show, it is about a man named Alan, that divorces his wife and moves in with his bisexual lover Charlie (played by Charlie Sheen). If you are not already disgusted, the man brings along his son, Jack. The boy grows up in this “my two dads” household, during this time he watches the homogay antics of his failure of a father and his fornication addicted “Uncle Charlie’s” openly promiscuous relationship.

    Uncle Charlie, as he is called, although involved in a homogay male relationship with the father, routinely brings home dirty whorelots and actual prostitutes. It is no surprise that over the years that this show has been on the air waves the boy has grown from a cute young boy to a tattooed, makeup wearing emosexual. He sits in his room and listens to such emo death metal bands as Black Veal Brides, Falling on Reverse, and My chemical Romanticals. He does poorly in school and is an embarrassment to his family. Just like all emosexuals.

    This show has been on the air for 8 years and last year took a strong emotional toll out on actor Charlie Sheen. Best known for his roles in the 80’s as proud American Characters, he starred in movies such as Red Dawn, Platoon, and Young Guns. But sadly after years of portraying this character on TV, he started to display characteristics of his character in real life. He started drinking, doing drugs, fornicating with philanderous women and became a general sad sin sack of a man.

    Sheen left the show and his mega millions deal of $1.8 million per episode contract. He insulted the Jewish creator of the show. He tried to tell his on story on Youtube and other media outlets. It was seen by many as a national multimedia melt down. His shouting about winning, Tigers blood, being an Adonis and Vatican Assassins drew only scorn and mockery. It is possible that this was all a media black wash by the creator of the show to tarnish his reputation for leaving the show, a show that he possibly realized was destroying America one episode at a time. Sheen was even called racist and an antisemitic after calling the creator of the show by his God given Jewish name. I ask you how is that racist?

    Never the less, the star of the show abandoned ship. CBS had to decide whether to stop or carry on. They decided to bring in former star and homogay celebrity Aston koocher. Last week was the first episode of this revamped show and it did not disappoint the homogay Hollywood big sodomy types.

    Aston Koocher is known for showing his sodomous sin stick to countless gay rights advocates. Even though Ellen Degenerate is supposed to be “born this way” a lesbian she still can not take her eyes of his privates.

    The show started with Charlie’s funeral, which was attended by his family and various whorelots he had fornicated and sodomized. They all made insults at him which were really thinly veiled insults at the real Charlie Sheen. Alan then went home to sell Charlies house, but instead meets Waldo Schidt, played by Aston Koocher. It turns out that Waldo is recently divorced and within minutes he is naked and strutting around the house like a San Francisco homogay sodomite marching for sodomist rights.

    At this point I was so disgusted I turned off the Tv and got out my bible. But how many other untold millions of Americans continued to watch the entirety of this disgusting vile smuty sinfest. I have to ask you America are we going to continue to allow ourselves to have this mess beamed into our homes? God, I pray not.

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