• Two Headed Satan Cat Turns 12 Years Old

    September 28, 2011 3:34 pm 61 comments
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  • Frank and Louie, a gray feline with two mouths, two noses and three eyes, just turned 12 years old and is the world’s oldest, living two-faced cat.
    Frank and Louie has craniofacial duplication, an extremely rare congenital condition. The disorder, also known as diprosopia, can cause part or all of an individual’s face to be duplicated on its head.
    The cat’s owner, a woman only identified as Marty, lives near Worcester, Massachusetts. She was a veterinary technician in 1999 when a day-old, two-faced kitten about the size of her thumb was brought into her clinic to be euthanized.

    Cats are well known “Land Piranhas” . And as investigative journalist Stevenson Billings pointed out on several occasions, cat ownership is for the spinster and homosexual elite of America.

    A quick search of internet websites shows that links to cat related articles is up more than 80%. Cross reference this number with the similar increase in linking to articles with blatant homosexual images shows that television has a disturbing correlation to homosexuality and feline companionship.

    In Other Animal News
    A 5 year old Texas Girl caught a Piranha this week in a lake near Houston. It’s been wildly expected that piranhas would follow their primary food source . Mexicans, across the border as they flee north in an attempt to undermine our way of life.

    “When I took the hook out of the mouth and saw it had pretty big teeth I was concerned, but I’m in Texas so I don’t know, there could be fish like that,” Christi Schutte, Lindsay’s mom and a recent transplant from California, told NBC affiliate KPRC-TV.

    But when the fish bit Lindsay’s brother, the family decided to notify the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, which killed the fish and then froze it for further study.

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