• Update: Scarlett Johansson Phone Hacked Scandal, FBI Is Probably Getting Involved

    September 15, 2011 7:05 pm 17 comments
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  •  Yesterday pant thougts of pants tightening sins threatened the world after actress Scarlett Johansson’s phone was allegedly hacked, leaving lusty photos of her exposed to the public.

    Celebrity news rag TMZ is now reporting the FBI will probably get involved with this issue soon, as it may be part of a coordinated effort to obtain scandalous celebrity photos for profit.

    ChristWire broke the news of the story yesterday, detailing lurid reports of Johansson caught in intimate moments of steamy frustration and unclothed emanciption, twirling around on her bed in unabashed sensuality.

    What’s disturbing about all this, is that the man who hacked Johansson’s phone has also managed to get into the phones of:  Vanessa Hudgens, Renne Olstead, Natalie Portman, Miley Cyrus (here), Diana Argon, Sarah Palin, Jessica Alba (here), Kat Dennings (here), Christina Aguilera (here), and Blake Lively (here).

    If you’re married, he likely has photo nasties of your wife as well and you should take her cell phone away or keep a live feed on it, because women just cannot be trusted to not be naughty with communication technology.  If there is one thing these phone and leaked picture scandals have taught us, is that women cannot be trusted to not take nasty pictures of themselves and send it to their ex-boyfriends on Facebook or via phone text message.  So maybe, the lesson from all this is if you have a wife, you should hack into her phone and her Facebook. You should get into her email too.  Most likely, you will be unpleasantly surprised about the little naughty, backstabbing vixen she is.

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