• VIDEO: Liberal Atheist Jay Leno harrasses Michele Bachmann

    September 19, 2011 1:21 am 4 comments
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  • Known liberal atheist TV host Jay Leno had Michele Bachmann on his show late last week. Many of you know that Michele Bachmann is a leader of the Republican Party and will possibly be the next President and Leader of the Freeworld.

    She is also a good christian, she and her husband run a clinic that treats homogays where they help the gays over come this disease that they have afflicted theirselves with. But Mr. Leno decided to mock her and her husbands glorious work.

    He questioned her about it and dares compare the choice of being a homosexual abomination to being born left handed.

    What a big fat denim wearing jerk. Please see the video below.

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