• Watch Free HD TV on Apple iPad

    September 12, 2011 10:43 am 9 comments
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  • Watch Free HD TV on Apple ipad

    I’m not usually one for commie products, but the Apple Tablet iPad is proof that the former MacIntosh rival of Microsoft is embracing Americanism. The tablet allows you take take care of all your computing needs anywhere you know and in a style that provides a very nice sized screen display.

    The iPad comes with WiFi and options of 3G with 4G pending, allowing you to connect to the internet at cafes and bookstores, even on the go, send emails, browse the web and most importantly get your daily nourishment of goodness from ChristWire. Entertainment and work, it’s all your choice with the iPad, and don’t worry about missing out on any important calls. With proper app setup, the device easily doubles as a mobile device with standard photo sharing and gaming capability. The biggest perk of the iPad, though, is its impressive screen and ability to stream televison.

    Comcast (as well as a few other cable companies) are now powering free applications that will allow you to stream and watch your favorite tv shows, on the go. How cool is that!

    What’s the use in watching TV, though, if you cannot watch it in HD. Fortunately, you can easily setup your iPad to watch HD TV. Here are the steps for Comcast customers.  If you have a cable subscription (Cox Communications definitely also offers this service), just substitute the search for your respective company and find their app.  They are all working pretty much the same way.:

    • Turn you iPad on. Easy enough.
    • Unlock your security settings by dragging your icon to the right (hovering the pill-shaped tabs).
    • Go to your “App Store” icon and do a quick search for Comcast in the search box.
    • Click Xfinity TV free version.  Let it instsall on your iPad and enter the appropriate Apple ID and password when prompted.
    • Open up the application, enter any required information and if you have a DVR, the iPad will sync up and stream any recorded media on your DVR.
    • From here, you can search your archives and many providers let you stream and watch archives from their servers or corporate partnerships.  By series.  By detail.  And there are movies.
    • When you find the series and movie you want to stream, press play and enjoy the relaxing world of make-believe, science, history or reality tv.  Whatever floats your boat.
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