• White People Stole My Car

    September 20, 2011 6:08 am 42 comments
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  • I Am Angry.  White people stole my car, and the police did nothing about it.  Why is it that in my town, an old woman can have her cat way up in a tree and get a fire team response in minutes, yet just because I live in a black neighborhood and report my car missing I get no quick response? White people stole my car today and I am so very angry.

    This all started last week.  Everyone in my neighborhood got a phone call that there has been an increase in robberies.  The automated voice had some helpful tips from the police.  Lock your door.  Keep your valuables out of site.  This is all common sense stuff you should do anyway.

    And just because I say I live in a black neighborhood, a lot of ya’ll just assume that it is high crime.  That it is not.  I am a teacher and a precher.  There are lawyers.  Businessmen.  Hard-working people.

    But I guess it’s just too much to ask for a black man to call the cops and expect them to respond to a car robbery you are watching from your home.  It took them 40 minutes from the time I called to send a cruiser. 

    I was awoken at 4:54 am because I left my car in the driveway.  My daughter is in high school extracurriculars and gets up first.  My wife follows her out and in our two car garage, the women get the safety and security of being inside.  My car is nothing fancy but it is still mine!

    I call in to dispatch and they asked me, here is what this woman had the nerve to let her lips smack out at me.  She said, “Are you involved in any gang activity or drugs?”  I guess my address popped up on her screen.

    For those who do not know, black people only get shot and their cars robbed because they are in gangs.  Heaven forbid a black, hardworking father is having his house robbed by two punk-faced, skinny leg having white boys. 

    I got a good look at them but I did not go out.   When you have a family, you don’t open the door to your home and put them at harm’s way.  One quick bullet in my face and my babies would be at risk to these little Casper faced hoodlums.

    So 40 minutes go by and the cops just laugh about it.  “Tough luck, 2nd in the area this week,” the fat one said.  They assured me I would probably never see my car again and to let my insurance company know that.  A few more questions and statements later, they were gone and my family is down one vehicle.

    I bring this story up today because there is a double-standard in America.  People are growing a bit too comfortable being bigots again.  I do not like Barack Obama, but can’t stand to see newscasters show racist joke after racist joke in his direction.  I fight with my supposed moral Republican colleagues at CW Atlanta every day because I know they don’t like me because my skin, and that is alright.

    You racist, car-robbing, melanin-deprived cancer prone cronies can act however you want, you aren’t going to take any of my rights.  But these double standards are going to stop.  If the cops had any decency and got there quick enough, maybe I would have a car.

    And what ticks me off even more is we have these shows like Bait Car.  They make it look like black neighborhoods are a Safari adventure, young black boys playing the role of prowling hoodlum panther, ready to pounce on the riches of white America.


    But today we learned an important fact.  As a black man, I cannot even call the police to help me protect my property, my Constitutional right to have and have protected by the government, in a timely manner.  And it is because I am black and I am sure telling the dispatcher that two white boys stole it did not help them get their any faster.






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