• World’s First Spaceport Nearly Completed, Built By Americans

    September 6, 2011 1:53 pm 14 comments
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  • Flight of fancy? Spaceport America is billed as the world's first purpose-built commercial spaceport
    The Dawn of a New American AgeSpaceport America is the world’s first commercial spaceport.

    As the lesser European and Asian nations of the world fight and bicker over petty things, America has once again forwarded humanity to a new era of wonder and splendor.

    The United States has nearly completed Spaceport America, the universe’s first spaceport where shuttles and great vessels of exploration will take off for space. The power of capitalism is competition that drives innovation. American companies are beginning to relieve the burden of space travel from the US government. Companies that develop the best new space exploration vessels to take flight from this spaceport will be awarded massive contracts, through NASA.

    The first spaceflights will start in late 2013, with Americans enjoying trips to the edge of space’s frontier and eventually being able to take residence in spacial hotels. From these ports consumer interest in space travel will drive America’s responsibility to lead humanity into space, adding great planets such as Mars, Jupiter and Saturn (and the moons) to the Moon to places where our flag and first-landing touch denotes our ownership. The resources found on these planets can greatly power the American economy and ensure our financial stability, further enabling us to ensure and enforce a peaceful Earth for millenia to come.

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