• WWE Wrestling is not as Gay as it seems

    September 13, 2011 1:56 am 13 comments
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  • As you all know, I was recently married to my beautiful wife Claire. Things turned sour, maily due to her 402 cats, and I filed for divorce. After talking with my high priced lawyer, I found that I can get an annulment instead of a divorce. What this means for a good Christian like me, is that “technically, we were never married and we can just wipe the slate clean”.

    Now, on to the news of the day, I hope this same thing happens with WWE Diva Stacy Kiebler and her new beau, George Clooney.

    It has been obvious to everybody with a brain that George Clooney is a homosexual. His love scenes are robotic when women are involved, but throw Ricky Martin in the mix and it is a fiesta of sin docking.

    Today, it was reported that George Clooney found a “girlfriend” in the long-ago fired WWE Diva named Stacy Kiebler. This small town farm girl found fame by having long legs and the ability to wrap those legs around the faces of more attractive young women in the WWE, further promoting the Lesbo/Homogay Agenda on the Television Box.

    George Clooney and this whorelot being paired up is no coincidence though. Stacy Kiebler is George Clooney’s “Beard” now.

    It has been a known fact, that since “Ocean’s 11”, George Clooney and Matt Damon have been sword fighting and dipping their twiddle dallies into each other’s sewer holes. Stacy Kiebler is just a bad disguise of this Homosexual filth that Hollywood wants to push on our Children.

    If you love God, and your kids, Do not let a George Clooney, Matt Damon or Stacy Kiebler film/TV Show/Poster or dildo into your home!!!http://a.abcnews.go.com/images/Entertainment/spl_clooney_stacy_keibler_jrs_110912_main.jpg

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    Bruce Myron Danus Years of Mental Gymnastics, and lots of love from Jesus has made this man realize he was not "Born this Way", but instead chose to be a Homogay until he met God and realized God doesn't make mistakes like a homogay.

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